Memories of the Archives by Bernard Carr

A few years ago B.P.'s were so kind,
Work for me in the Archives did find.
The work came through with such a rush
They decided to sign on Mrs. Bush.

Margaret Faulkner, without a tip,
Always brought my pay packet slip.
Then Lettie one day a drawing couldn't find
because Percy had filed a 'six' for a 'nine'.

Grace Gibbs was a 'darling' & very nice too,
when I was retiring she said "What shall we do?"
Audrey Walker, a poet should be,
then I could recite with her on my knee.

Marjorie Horwood was good for a giggle,
I would say at dancing, she could wriggle.
Eve Habbin, Jean Jeffs were good at their work
Jean Hakin & Pat Ogie never did shirk.

Marion always looked nice & cute
when she was dressed in her trouser suit.
Jean Wilson, Hilda Hardy & Pam Howland too,
were three more ladies that I knew.

With Shirley Roberts, I always had fun,
she always fetched my chocolate bun.
Maureen was a quiet lass
near the Co-Op we'd sometimes gas.

Rene Wright, she brought me drawings new,
and told me when 'chicken' was on the 'menu'.
Now Hilda Smith, she was a good sort,
didn't get a draw of any sort!

Margaret Walls I knew could sing,
& also do the 'Highland Fling'.
Susan Garfield was always so keen,
she helped Jenny, the "belle" on the print machine.

Lil Gordon, she worked in printing too,
under Verna Wright, who was head of the crew.
Percy thought "They will be in a fix",
but Bernard now files with his 'magic tricks'.

That leaves just one, Kath Harbour, who,
I wish good health in the future too.
And now after this I go off to bed
to read about Harold Wilson & Ted.