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As indicated in our last Newsletter, it is intended that the two websites should be periodically updated, albeit at less frequent intervals than in the past. This issue includes a number of items that were not complete in time for inclusion in the August 2011 edition, together with a few that have come to light since then.

Memories of Times Past

The Organisers of the 1976 Children’s Christmas Party

New Additions to the Websites

The new items added since the last Newsletter can be accessed as usual via the blue links. If you are able to add to these records, we would be pleased to hear from you. They include:

Any further information on the above, or other Sports Clubs that existed within the Group, would be gratefully received.

PLEASE NOTE – “The History of Baker Perkins in the Biscuit Business” is another of those rather large sections that would benefit from a little more re-jigging and cross-linking from the main Index. Until that happens, please click on to the blue link above and then scroll down to the relevant sub-heading.

Memories of Times Past

The Westwood Machine Shop in 1923


There are still areas of Group and subsidiary company activities that remain unrecorded and we would appreciate any help you can give in filling these gaps. This Newsletter refers to our wish to add to:

We do not seek reams of Shakespearian prose – just a few clues that we could research further. For instance, do you consider that we have covered adequately the activities of that part of the Company in which you were employed?

One significant gap we have identified is the development of the Personnel function around the Group. Discussions have taken place with Carol (Barrett) Abell who is attempting to harness the memories of a bevy of beauties who, like her, worked in this area.


We have a few more items in hand that we were unable to fully research prior to publication of this Newsletter. It is intended that these will be added to the Websites over the next few months and will be detailed in another Newsletter to be distributed, hopefully, in the first half of 2012.


We are most grateful for the very touching messages of support that we have received. Your continued interest in our endeavors is greatly appreciated.

Best wishes – Dick, Margaret and James Preston
December 2011

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