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Hello Everybody,

The big event this month is the Industrial Heritage Exhibition (see flyer below) at St. John’s Church, Peterborough on 13th and 14th May, details of which were featured in last month’s Special Newsletter.

BPHS will be basing their display on Baker Perkins artefacts collected and photographed by John Burnham. These same items are featured in the first of our ‘virtual books’ – click HERE and then click on Virtual Books– the second of which, “Baker Perkins at War”, is in preparation and should be accessible in time for our “Summer” issue in August. (NOTE: It might take a few seconds to down-load).

New Additions to the Websites

The new items added since the last Newsletter can be accessed as usual via the blue links. If you are able to add to these records, we would be pleased to hear from you. They include:




BPHS Activities in 2011

The BPHS Committee is planning a presence at the following:

We are often asked when the next BPHS Reunion will take place. On the understanding that the majority of ex-employees who have attended previous events appear to be in favour of holding a Reunion every two years, the next one is likely to be in October 2012.


BPHS Subscriptions

Many thanks to those of you who have renewed your BPHS subscriptions for 2011/2012, your continued support is greatly appreciated.

The Spring issue of Baker Perkins, Paston’s house magazine is attached.

Best wishes – Dick, Margaret and James Preston and the BPHS Committee.

May 2011

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