Hello everybody and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all.


The first thing to notice is that this issue is titled - the “Winter” Newsletter. As the December 2010 issue suggested, we are entering the final phase in the creation of the two Websites which requires quite a bit of targeted effort, To reduce the pressure of this work, if not lightening the workload, it is felt that the newsletters should in future be distributed on a quarterly rather than a monthly basis. Publication will therefore coincide with the availability of Baker Perkins, Paston’s house magazine - “LINK” with  - “Winter”, “Spring”, “Summer” and  “Autumn” issues.

As the main purpose of the Newsletters is to draw your attention to the new additions to each of the Websites, this “Winter” issue, following hard on the heels of the bumper Christmas edition, is inevitably lighter in content than future quarterly editions are expected to be. Instead of the new material appearing on the Websites a few days before the Newsletter is distributed, the new items will be loaded randomly over the previous three months and only accessible by ‘links’ after the Newsletter publication date.
This arrangement will allow us to consider introducing a new format and style to the Newsletters and this should manifest itself progressively over the next year. It is also planned to make our historical record more meaningful by making some of the existing website material accessible in new ways. One of the ideas being worked on is the long promised – “Baker Perkins at War” - a separate section of one of the websites containing text and pictures as a background to the subject but designed as an index electronically linked to every relevant item existing on either website. It is proposed to link other cross-Group activities and subjects to form ‘virtual books’ in a similar way.

All this will take some time but with luck and a following wind, a first ‘draft’ of “Baker Perkins at War” might be possible before the end of this year. It is hoped that these new developments will meet with your approval and your comments would be welcomed.

It is recognised that the less frequent appearance of the Newsletters in your in-box will mean updating you with information on planned BPHS social events will have to be tackled in a different way. In the short term, we will continue to post these in the “News” section of the Westwood Works website (click on the “news” icon in the top row on each web page). It is hoped to provide a more obvious source of such information later this year.


The new items added since the last Newsletter can be accessed as usual via the blue links. If you are able to add to these records, we would be pleased to hear from you. They include:


BPHS Activities in 2011

The BPHS Committee is planning a presence at the following:

We are often asked when the next BPHS Reunion will take place. On the understanding that the majority of ex-employees who have attended previous events appear to be in favour of holding a Reunion every two years, the next one is likely to be in October 2012.


BPHS Subscriptions

May we remind you that subscriptions for 2011/2012 are due on April 1st 2011. We are very grateful to all those who up-graded their Membership from Associate to Life member during the last year. Your interest and support is greatly appreciated.

If anyone reading this Newsletter is not already either a Life member or Associate member of BPHS, could we please ask you to consider helping to support the work of recording the history of Baker Perkins and the organisation of social events for ex-employees by becoming a member of the Society? Associate membership costs £5 per year and Life membership - £25.

BPHS Book Sales

May we direct your attention to the BPHS Shop? A gratifying number of books have been sold over the last couple of years but a significant amount of stock remains. Although the way that we have financed the publication of the current volumes (mainly the Lottery Grant) means that they do not represent a significant drain on BPHS’s resources, it does not make sense to produce further works until evidence exists of a demand from ex-employees.

Your comments would be appreciated.


The Winter issue of Baker Perkins, Paston’s house magazine is attached.


Best wishes – Dick, Margaret and James Preston and the BPHS Committee.


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