Hello Everybody,

One year later and here we are again, not much wiser, a little more worn but still able to keep on keeping on. What more can anyone ask? We hope that life continues to treat you and yours kindly.


New Additions to the Websites

Some of the items added since the last Newsletter can be accessed as usual via the blue links. If you are able to add to any of the following items we would be pleased to hear from you. It is gratifying that relevant material continues to land in our In-basket on a regular basis some 13 years after we took our first tentative steps in this project. It is even more amazing to discover that we passed the one million hits mark at the end of May 2015. This figure might be considered commonplace in these days of things "going viral" but please note that this is the figure for the total number of hits on the Westwood Works Website only. The total for our two sites together would be nearer 1.6 million. We feel pretty chuffed and very grateful to those of you out there who continue to support us in our endeavours. In return, we are committed to continue recording the history of the old company as long as health and energy permit. Some more "Vitals" appear later in this Newsletter.

All the information necessary to begin to structure these exists on the Websites - See - HERE and HERE for the "Global Activities" - See - HERE for "At its Zenith.

Your comments on these suggestions would be appreciated.

James assures us that all these numbers are "reliable".

(For your information the English translation of "War and Peace" contains 1,200 to 1,600 pages or close to 560,000 words - depending on font and page size. However, Tolstoy chose not to include any pictures in his epic).

The boiler is very rusty but still standing. The house was built around 1908 for Col Tredenham Fitzherbert Carlyon.  The basement has been bricked up for over 60 years and has just this week been opened up."  The building was his Manor House in Farnborough, Hampshire.

Baker Perkins' multi-storey office block sticks out from the surrounding Fens like a sore thumb. It comes as little surprise to learn that the RAF used it as an aiming point in their training exercises in the lead up to WW2. We have recently heard rumours that the office block also housed part of a police radio communication system. Is there anything more that can be told about this, please?


Please get in touch if you think there are features of life at Baker Perkins that we have missed or have not covered sufficiently. If you are bursting to have your own part in the development of the company recorded on the Website, we would be very pleased to hear from you. However, one day soon we will have to say - "enough is enough" - so don't miss the boat!


We hope to see you all at the Reunion on Friday 25th September 2015

Best wishes from

Dick, Margaret and James Preston

July 2015




It is possible that clicking on a "link" appears to have deposited you in an area of the website seemingly of no direct relevance to your search.  It is possible of course that we have made an incorrect connection but it might also have been a deliberate ploy to get you to scroll around until you find the information you seek. On the way, you might catch sight of another interesting item that sends you off in another direction and expose yet more of the websites' contents.

Finally, Gabrielle Abbott, Secretary of the  BPHS Committee,  whose  tasks include the distribution of the quarterly Newsletter detailing their planned social activities,  has asked me to mention that she is concerned that not everyone is getting her emails now that her email address has changed from: to

If you have not received anything from her recently – she sent out a BPHS Newsletter on Tuesday 30 June – please:

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