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Westwood Works 1903-2003

Below are links to the various sections in this area:


Founding Fathers

The key people in the development of the Company

The Pointons

Building the foundations of the Bakery machinery business

The Baker Perkins Gallery

Some of the many people who worked at the Westwood Works site

Characters from WP&P 1917

Extracts from "Pickings from Perkins"

Humour at Work

Life at Westwood as seen by Bob Bains and others

Mr E.A. Williams, who retired as a draughtsman at Westwood Works in 1957 stated in an article in the March 1966 edition of Group News that a similar book of sketches to "Pickings from Perkins" - in this instance called "Bakers Batch" - was produced at the end of WW1 by Jack Bunce of Joseph Baker & Sons Ltd, Willesden. The 25 drawings depicted the members of the Willesden drawing office.

The grandson of one of those depicted in "Baker's Batch" - W.E. Prescott, who was chief draughtsman at Willesden in the 1920s - has sent copies of the relevant pages - a verse and a caricature. These appear to follow a broadly similar format to that used for "Pickings from Perkins". Assuming that the rest of the publication is in a similar vein, it is likely that it provides some very useful information about the Company at that time.

If anyone has a copy of this publication we would very much appreciate being allowed to see it.

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