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Westwood Works 1903-2003

BPHS Publications

In the early days of these websites it became apparent that lack of internet access meant that many of older generation of BPHS’s target audience of ex-employees were unable to benefit from its work (although we know of at least one husband-and-wife couple who bought a laptop and became silver surfers purely to be able to browse these websites). BPHS decided to enter the book publication business in an attempt to reach these former colleagues and also to enable the information to be accessible to an even wider audience.

It must be emphasised that the books are not just downloads from the websites. The opportunity was taken to bring together as much relevant information (and particularly photographs) as possible to provide a more comprehensive and coherent coverage of each subject than is on the websites.

We were fortunate that there was no shortage of 'authors' to compile these books and that the interest shown in this venture meant the books were generally self-financing. BPHS was also grateful for a Heritage Lottery Fund grant which facilitated the publication of some of the books.


"A History of the CPO" compiled by Jim Farrow - A5, 115pp.

Fully illustrated. A description of the development of one of the most important departments in the business, A fascinating insight into how production was controlled in a leading engineering company.


"A Hundred Years of Baker Perkins at Westwood Works" compiled by Rita Mckenzie - A4, 64pp.

A personal history of life in the Westwood factory in over 125 pictures.


"Memories of the Baker Perkins Sports and Social Club" by Jim Farrow - A4, 280pp.

A fully illustrated history of a fondly remembered institution from its inception in 1910 to its closure in 1991. Illustrated with hundreds of photographs of the many football, cricket, rugby and bowls teams and the rest of the 26 sections that made up the Sports and Social Club.


"Baker Perkins - Not Just a Place to Work" compiled by Margaret Preston - A5, 160pp.

A compilation of memories of life at Westwood Works from a wide cross-section of ex-employees. A fully illustrated record of the human side of a successful company.


"Growing Our Own Wood - The Development of the Baker Perkins Apprenticeship Scheme" - A4, 178pp.

The story of a ground-breaking development, one which not only underpinned the post-war success of a major engineering company but which also provided trained engineers to the world at large. It set a level of excellence that was recognised both nationally and internationally.


"Through The Years: Baker Perkins People and Places" compiled by Rita McKenzie and Gabrielle Abbott - A4, 49pp.

Along the lines of Rita McKenzie’s earlier “A Hundred Years of Baker Perkins at Westwood Works”, this is a collection of over 90 pictures showing more of the Baker Perkins people at Peterborough, at work and at play, from the 1900s to the 2010s.



Please contact us if you wish to obtain any of the four books which are still available.

They are also on sale at Peterborough Museum but prices may be higher.

Virtual Books

In addition to the printed books, three "virtual" books are also located here.



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