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Westwood Works 1903-2003


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During 1957, Barbara Westney and Margaret Barnes sat at adjacent desks in the Baker Perkins typing pool. They struck up a friendship which survived Barbara's many moves after she married.

Margaret married Dick Preston and remained in Peterborough. Barbara eventually settled in Florida. Letters flew over the Atlantic for many years until the advent of personal computers and e-mail. Photos of the places Barbara remembered in Peterborough were put onto a website, and when the Baker Perkins office blocks were demolished, photos of the demolition work were added so Barbara could see what was happening to her old workplace.

Dick and Margaret's son James, an ex-Baker Perkins employee, saw the pictures and thought that the student apprentices who joined the company with him in 1986 would also like to see them. He created another website specifically for the demolition photographs. Some of the contractors working on the Westfield Road site asked Dick and Margaret why they were taking photos every day, so they told them about the website. Word spread quickly and in a very short space of time, photographs of Baker Perkins history were being offered by many ex-employees. The rest, as they say, is history.

This website is the result of a great deal of help and enthusiasm from many people to whom we are extremely grateful.

Margaret, Dick & James Preston

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Margaret in training for her retirement task

Barbara Westney


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