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Westwood Works 1903-2003

Puzzle Corner

Welcome to Puzzle Corner! It's here where we ask for your help in solving puzzles we have come up with during research for this website. Unfortunately there are no prizes for solving the puzzles, other than our gratitude. Now, on to our first puzzle:

Puzzle 1:

This photograph was taken on May 29th 1951. Do you know who the visitors were? If so, please see this page for instructions on how to contact us.


Puzzle 2:


Each of these photographs were taken on an outing for Westwood employees. Can anyone identify any of the people, the year and the occasion, please?


Looks like a family day out with everyone in their Sunday best.

Must have been a sunny Summer's day.

Puzzle 3:

Does anyone remember this occasion? This photo was given to Jim Farrow by Mat Walton. Jim recognises Doug Brothers, Dick Hutchins and Alec Hammond, but can't date or place the photo. Can you?

Puzzle 4:

A well-known feature of "Group News" and "Contact" was the regular crossword puzzle usually compiled by Kay Kisby. We are grateful to Kay for supplying us with one of her original puzzles plus a new Cryptic Puzzle produced specially for this website. The answers will appear later in the year.

Puzzle 5:

These are believed to be photos of the WWMSC in action. Can anyone identify which Production(s), please?

The "Missing List"

We are now trying to fill the gaps in our coverage of life at Westwood Works and would very much appreciate your help:

A bit of a mixed bag but we are sure that the answers are out there somewhere. Please get in touch.


Can anyone help fill out some information that we have stumbled across:

Works Ambulance

We understand that a Works Ambulance existed as far back as 1939. This first one came from the Oundle St. John Ambulance Brigade. It is not known how long this remained at Westwood but as far as can be ascertained none existed in later years. Can anyone confirm this, please? (See also First Aid & St. John Ambulance).

Westwood Works Orchestra

A local newspaper article from June 8th 1926 covered a Banquet in honour of the "loyal staff and volunteers who kept the Peterborough Electricity Works running during the General Strike of 1926. During the dinner, given by the Peterborough & District Electricity Users' Association - the President of which was Josh Booth, Works Director of Baker Perkins - "The Westwood Works orchestra gave capital music selections".

This is the only reference that we have found to an orchestra at Westwood. Could this have been an adjunct to the Westwood Works Musical Society? (Note: We understand that the first major production by the WWMS did not take place until 1930). We are aware of the existence of a Male Voice Choir and this is featured in Sports Club Activities.

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