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Westwood Works 1903-2003

The Supporters Association

To give it its full title - the Baker Perkins Sports and Social Club Supporters' Association - began in July 1961 as an idea to raise money for the football section. A weekly draw was financed by Sports Club members electing to have 10p deducted from their wages each week. This allowed them one entry per week but, as the draw gained in popularity, members were allowed to pay for as many entries as they wished. Each week there were two 50, two 17 and two 5 prizes. When the 1,000 and two 500 prizes were introduced, the price of a ticket was raised to 25p per week. Extra prizes were available for the Summer and Christmas Draws.

It was quickly realised that the potential was too large for just one section and the bowls and cricket sections were invited to join in. It was always the intention of the organisers to pay back the majority of the money collected in the form of prizes, keeping only a comparatively small proportion to benefit the Sports Club. However, despite the large amounts paid back in prizes - and in later years prizes of 500 and even 1,000 were paid out - sizeable donations were made to the three main sections as well as towards the cost of other fairly expensive items needed by other sections or by the Sports Club as a whole.

Founding members of the Association were:

Bowls: M. Gilgan, L.T. James (Jimmy), C.J. Walters.
Cricket: R. Barber, G. Summerlin (Treasurer), D. Westwood.
Football: L.J. Hill (Chairman), J.M. Farrow (Secretary), T. Yeeles.

1961: The first Weekly Draw Rules 1961: The Weekly Draw Ticket Edna and Len Yarrow make the Draw

Extra Prizes for a Christmas Draw

1968: Social Evening 1975: Making the Weekly Draw
1977: The first 500 winner 1977: 500 Draw Winners 1978: 500 Draw Winners 1978: 500 Draw Winners 1979: 500 Draw Winners 1981: Les Hill presents Cheque to Sports Club 1983: 1000 Draw Winner
1979: 500 winners receive cheques from Miss Baker Perkins 1981: Jim Farrow presents George Strickson with a 500 cheque Presentation to Les Hill on 21 years of the Supporters' Association Presentation to Jim Farrow on 21 years of the Supporters' Association 1990: Gordon Liquorish wins 1,000

From 1961 to 1982, Gordon Summerlin handled 145,000 of funds as Treasurer of the Supporters' Association. He was presented with this special pen and pencil set (based on the BBC's "Blankety Blank Cheque Book and Pen" design) by Ted Thain

Lucky Ticket

One Draw Ticket proved to be luckier than some. In 1961, Miss P.A. Wade lost her purse while holidaying in Wales. Fortunately the Police were able to identify the owner from her BP Sports Club Supporters' Association Draw Ticket and return her property to her.

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