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Westwood Works 1903-2003


Below are entries from the first site Guestbook. Unfortunately the providers disappeared and we were lucky not to lose all the visitor comments.

Jean (Strickson) Watier
We have moved into our new house and are back on line (as you can see). So many memories of Baker Perkins. My grandfather (Bill Hill) was a moulder there; my father, George Strickson was the safety officer, and I worked in the typing pool from 1948 until 1954, when I married and came to Canada. We have just returned from Winnipeg where we attended the 50th wedding anniversary of Pearl (Wright) Kingyens. Her twin sister Ruby came over from England for the event. Pearl and Ruby were very sports minded. They were also in the Westwood Works musical society.
I'd very much like to get all the weekly updates from BP.
Cheers – Jean

Dennis Taylor
Lets get the ball rolling. Its nice to see a new guest book in operation. Some of us are still alive and kicking. When is the Reunion taking place or will there have to be a committee formed first?. See you all soon

David James
My dad (Bert James- Patternmaker, 1979 retirement photos) advised me to accept my Baker Perkins apprenticeship (Intake photo, Christmas 1958, first on left front row) and I have never regretted his advice. I learnt skills that I still use today and made many friends, some of whom are still part of my life. I was a member of the motor club, shot small bore rifles and played rugby, all of which left me with a fund of fond memories of the people and places. Treasure hunts where the pubs en route were more keenly sought than the objects of the provided clues, rugby games that are remembered not for the result of the match but the drinking after and the singing on the bus home. 40 odd years ago and I still chuckle when the faces come to mind, it was a truly wonderful time and I would like to thank all those people and of course BP for making the experience possible. I served five years apprenticeship as a fitter with a year on nights which included eating fish and chips in the locked foreman’s office and sitting on the fitting shop roof watching the dawn break. I moved up to the offices to become a correspondent in the Bakery sales office before setting out into the wide world. Like many BP blokes before me I ended up running my own business based around the education gained at Westfield road and BP personnel have come in and out my life over the years in many ways as employees, suppliers and customers. I sold my business with intention of retiring very early but I hated it and the local Business Link employed me as a part time business councillor for several years and one job I was given was to advise a company that hired out drivers. One of my suggestions was to expand the type of drivers hired out and within a week I received a call from them saying they had an urgent requirement for a Chauffeur with Rolls Royce experience and they had no one to do it. I volunteered because I had time on my hands and Rolls Royce driving experience (15 minutes in a car that an ex boss was considering buying!), I already had a grey suite; I hired a cap and went to collect the car from its owner – Rockwell!! I had to collect an American client from London then take him back again after his business in Westfield Road and all up and down the A1I was giggling to my self at what we scruffy apprentices would have said if we had been told that one day I would drive the company roller. The BP tradition is continuing in that one of my sons and my daughters husband both work at Paston and both served apprenticeships before moving up to the offices as I did. Thanks to all involved in this great site and if any one wants to correspond by E mail I would be delighted.

If Barry Wingfield or others from the foundry in the 70s read this please not I have just been to the Smugglers Arms at Dawlish where a few of us had a drink thirty years ago during one of the works holidays. I took me about 18 hours to get to Devon in those days( we stopped on the way for a sleep) Last weekend I did more or less the same journey in about four hours. ( I had to stop for petrol in Bristol ) 32 quid That’s all I took with me for a week in the 70s

Gabrielle Abbott
Good to see the Family History section (at the end of Reminiscences). Baker Perkins was quite exceptional in the way that several members of a family would all work for the company. Partly due to the fact that the company was rightly seen as a good company to work for, so sons and daughters would want to follow their parents into the business. And partly due to the good social as well as working relationships, and the size of the company, resulting in employees meeting their future spouse at work. There are still many family connections today in APV Baker. It's a fascinating jigsaw.

I look forward to seeing more Family History messages.

Nigel Price
Fantastic forum! Just heard about the site from a chance mtg with Dougal Crisp, who soon moves to Shropshire. Good luck to Dougal & his family. I have many happy memories of westfield works from my time in the BCS maintenance dept, and subsequent move to become a graduate trainee. A quick note to Howard Baker - flange! sponge! where did they come from??

Paul Barker
I’m trying to get hold of any photos from the company bulletin "contact", or any photos about ROSE FORGROVE, when it was open in Seacroft, Leeds. Like the WESTWOOD WORKS, the old factory has been flattened, but trying to get hold of photos of the place, or people who worked there, is nigh on impossible. If anyone can help, or put me in touch with someone who could, i would be very gratefull.

Many thanks.


Marion Doyle
Hi. I worked for BP from 1957 through 1974 in the production engineering dept. I was formerly Marion Wilson. Had 17 great years there and still keep in touch with a few people. I now live in Reno, Nevada, USA.

I remarried in 2000 to a great guy. Before living in Reno, I lived in California and Las Vegas. My father George Wilson and sister Alana Wilson also worked at BP. Love the web site. I recognise a few names. Keep up the good work.

Simon Walker
Nice little touch. Brings back that "family feeling" we loved and missed so much. I personally would not be where I am today without BP. They gave me a chance to tour the World at a tender young age. For that I am eternally grateful. To all of you I know, have known and never had the pleasure, I wish you all the very best. To the great times and the bad times, the sunny days and storms we all rode. Thanx BP

Mick Bridgstock (1970-1976)
What a splendid site - sure does bring back a lot of memories after all these years! Would be interesting to know where some of those people are now!

Marion Cox
Hi I worked in production engineering dept in 66 best job I ever had, Laughs unlimitted still remember all the people. I worked with Marion Wilson, now Marion Doyle and living in America I would like her email address can anyone oblige.

Phil Harnett
I like many others have the best of memories from BP. The people I met and the things I learned have served me well over the years. I am now the General Manager of a manufacturing site in China, and married to my beautiful wife Chen Feng. I will be here for a few years yet, so if any of my old friends from BP want to get in touch, an email from back home really cheers me up. If anyone would like information about visiting China, of course drop me a line, I would be only too pleased to help.All the best to those past and present. Phil.

Tony Hansen
I worked in the Purchasing Dept at B.P. from early 1963 until October 1974. I fondly remember those days as the happiest of my working life. The Purchasing Dept was a great place to work as was Baker Perkins. Although it was a relatively large company, it always had the feel of being a family firm. Although it is 30 years since I left the company I often think of those times and the wonderful people I met whilst working there. I obviously must have good training under Horace Petch and Dick Hutchins as I am still in Purchasing although a long way from Westwood Works. I am now working in Bundaberg ( where the famous "Bundaberg Rum" is produced ) in Queensland, Australia. I live in a small town called Bargara which overlooks the South Pacific. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me from those great days. Anthony(Tony) Hansen.

Alana Smart
Hi - I worked at BP in the Shipping Department in 1969 through 1971, it was my very first job after I finished Senior School, it was a great experience and I worked with some great people, my last name was Wilson. My Father George Wilson, and Sister Marion Wilson - now Marion Doyle also worked many years at BP.I moved to California, USA in 1984, and have been married almost 20 years - no kids, but lots of animals! thats my big passion - Animals. The website is great and I hope it continues to build up!

Marion Doyle
Hello. It is so nice to hear from so many people through the Westwood Works web site. The roll call is great as are the pictures. So many memories. It certainly was a great place to work. My one and only job in England - 17 years. All is well in the USA.

Dennis Taylor
I would like to pass on a message to Tony Hansen but cant find his email address So I will do it this way instead and hope he reads it Just to remind you of the time when went to the Embassy in Peterborugh you was the bearer of bad news from a girl we both knew. so we went to the pictures instead and sat behind an old dear in the front row who kept falling asleep when she did Tony kicked the back of her seat and woke her up . This went on for the whole of the film. Anyone else who reads this will be reminded that when we went without a "bird" to the pictures we went downstairs in the cheapest seats. go on then say it wasnt you .

Jan Hurst
Hello, I used to be called Janice Coleman and I started at Baker Perkins in 1966 aged 16 and worked in the C.P.O. Fred Wilson was my boss and I worked with some of the following people: Geoff Mann, Jim Bond, Mick Rowlands, Mario Storti, Bill Lumbus, Stan Dawson, Bill Goodwin, Eric Reynolds, Barbara Peters, Steven Giblin, and Maureen Hudson. Maureen used to pick me up and give me a lift to work every morning and drop me home. My workmates who were my own age were: my best friend (who was my bridesmaid later on) Linda Birch, who went on to marry Steven's brother Alan. Also a Sue Skinner, Christine Yearsley, Joyce Gregory who later married Terry Edge, Ann who married Snowy Hillson, then I met Ray Hurst from the pattern shop and we got married in 1969.I then moved into another office at the front of the building called subcontracts with my boss Bob Fuller, Laurie Bottomley, Dennis, Pat. Eileen (who taught ballet), Rae and Mo. I used to hate walking through the machine shop, I used to get real embarrassed, especially the plate shop, they were worse. I remember going to the family nights at Alma Road Club with our two Children Danny and Lisa and at Christmas we used to go down there to get a present from father christmas. They were very happy days, my dad a lot later on joined the company his name was Cyril Coleman. My hubby Ray still has contact with APV as he now works at Westfield Patterns and visits for work purposes quite a lot and he plays bowls for them in the summer.

Gabrielle Abbott
I am trying to complete my collection of Baker Perkins newsletters/magazines and do not have: "Group News" dated Oct 1964, Oct 1966, July & Sept & Nov 1969, Sept 1970;"Contact" prior to Spring 1985.If anyone has any of these which I could borrow to copy/scan, please contact me on tel 01733 283122 (Personnel Department, APV Baker) or e-mail

Derek Steels
Please hand this message to Tony Hansen as I have no e-mail address for him. I worked with Tony's father Cedric on several contracts in the construction trade from 1949-66. Would like to hear from him.

Anita Glithero
Please add my grandmother to the BP Family Roll Call.Edith Glithero (nee Walters) worked in the machine shop during the war 1939 – 1945
Thank you

Marion Doyle
Hi, anyone remember Mrs Duddington? She worked in Production Engineering. We have kept in touch for over twenty years. I have just received my Christmas letter from her and she wishes to be remembered to all who remembers her.

Dick, Margaret and James Preston
The wish to send grateful thanks to all of those people who, over the past year, have supported our efforts so generously. We have received hundreds of e-mails, letters, photographs and other memorabilia and have been privileged to share many reminiscences of life at Westwood Works. Without this help constructing the Website would not have been possible. We wish you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous 2005. Please keep logging on as there are many more memories in the pipeline.

Alana Smart
So where did all those folk from the shipping department go??, I don't see any one out there - come on you guys - log on and make yourselves known!, Alec, Gill, Jeff, Chris, Christine......Percy, oh and Derek - cant remember last names, mine was WILSON.......Merry Chirstmas to you all across the pond!

Jim Newkirk
Worked for B.P. in the Saginaw, MI location and later in Goldsboro, NC. Currently with Joseph M. Day Co. (Banner-Day).

Joyce Zeilinger
Just one month ago, and after 35 years, I retired from APV in Goldsboro, NC (now Turkington APV). I worked from 1969 to 1982 in the Saginaw facility. In 1982 we (the Marketing Dept., Sales Layout, Accounting, Engineering, Service Parts and Field Service) were transferred to offices in Raleigh, NC. The Manufacturing, Purchasing and Industrial Engineering departments were moved to Goldsboro. In 1987,Baker Perkins was bought out by APV Baker. In 1988 (when the company had more dollars than sense) we (Marketing and Sales Layout) were moved from Raleigh to Grand Rapids, MI. In 1990, we were moved from Grand Rapids to Goldsboro to finally be a complete organization. The acquisitions that followed included Siebe and Invensys, with the final ownership being Turkington of the UK- I wish them well. I personally dealt with so many of the folks I see pictured in your site. Some of them are now located in the Goldsboro facility. Best wishes to all of my Peterborough friends.

Mary Jo Darrah
Looking at the Rollcall. under Bakers, Jonathan P Baker is Ivor Baker's second son, not the one above. Jim Harley worked for BP, mostly in subsidiaries in the 1950s & 60s, but I think also at Westwood. Philip Harley was a director.

George Shields
Its good to see so many people still think so much about Baker Perkins. I guess i came in right at the end as an apprentice in 1988 ! But as a boy i used to spend hours with my dad Pete walking around this amazing factory. It all seems very sad when you drive along Westfield rd now!

Mick Tattersall
Hello to you all, I didn't actually work at Baker Perkins. I was apprenticed at Newalls in 1962 and spent 12years with them before being made redundant and then working for the next 30 years teaching Engineering at Peterborough Regional College (lovingly known as the 'Tech'). I know many people from Westwood Works and have a great respect for their engineering skills. The main purpose of this note is to let you know about Ray Burks who I met today after many years of not seeing him. Ray and I worked together at Newalls and played football together for them in the 60's.He was also made redundant from Newalls and subsequently went to work at Westwood Works until he had to retire through ill health. He is not on the internet but when I mentioned this site he asked me to post a message to say "HELLO" to anyone who knew him. Keep up the good work with the site, I have spotted many old Newall colleagues in the photo gallery.

Terry Meadows themeadows@9eyegreen.fsnet
I stumbled across this site the day after the burial of my uncle 'Barley' Charlie Meadows who spent all his working life at the Westwood Site and I was trying to do some family research. I was an apprentice in the Foundry ( much to my dads horror)at BP, joining in the Easter of 1968 and leaving 10 years later. Despite my dads reservations, i loved it and only left because i could see the decline in the Foundry industry and this unfortunately proved to be right with its closure a few years later. I have a lot of very pleasant memories and friends from my time there.  
Terry Meadows

Dennis Taylor
I noticed one of my old workmates has just signed the guestbook and talked of checking family history. If anyone is interested in family history go to Peterborough Family History Society They are quite obliging and for a few quid you can sign on as a member. Ihave already put this website on their guestbook Nice to hear from you" Mes "only need to hear from "windy" tibby" "charlie" and a few dozen other typical foundrymen of the seventies. Dennis .

Jean (Strickson) Watier
At the age of 4 or 5 I attended Baker Perkins sports day, with my parents, at the Alma Road sports field. During the bicycle race, against all admonitions from my mother and father, I evidently ran across to the middle of the field and was promptly knocked over by one of the cyclists. In those days you weren't rushed to the hospital, but back to your home, more than likely on the bus (No. 301),where the doctor was called. I can vaguely remember suddenly "coming too" on the dining room table (probably concussion) and heard a man crying, "presumably the man who rode me down". Poor fellow, he was very upset. It is only a fleeting memory but one I can see all so clearly. I have often wondered 'why the dining room table?' Surely there was something a little more comfortable (and softer).
Jean (Strickson) Watier

Bob Hadlow
“Is that a locomotive boiler?   No! It’s a ‘Perkins’ Steam Bakery Oven”. Wanted - Technical details of early models, images, specifications manuals, and drawings, for the period c1865 - c1925.By the late 1800s the ‘Perkins’ Hot Water Oven, later known as the ‘Perkins’ Steam Bakery Oven, became the leading type in major bread bakeries around the world. First introduced in 1866, improved models, employing the same method of baking, were still in production in WW2.The original principal of transferring heat from the firebox to the oven was by separated, hermetically sealed, boiler tubes filled with a “carefully ascertained volume of water”. The original ovens are believed to hold a single deck of loaf tins and e later models a double deck. The original manufacturer was titled Perkins Engineers Ltd., London, which later in association with Joseph Baker & Sons, Willesden, UK, became Baker, Perkins and is today APV Baker, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England and APV, in Australia. The ‘Perkins’ Steam Oven of 1866 was adopted for use with the British Armies at home and abroad. An Army manual of 1900 states - “earlier ovens were superseded by the ‘Perkins’ because steam maintains a more equable temperature than hot air” and  “the ‘Perkins’ Steam Oven, is common to most British Military Bakeries”. The unit specifically designed to bake bread was affectionately known as the ‘Polly Perkins’ but its real benefit to the Army was its saving in fuel. Unfortunately because of changes in management, location and factory developments APV Baker is unable to provide technical details of the early ‘Perkins’ Steam Ovens and hence this appeal for any relevant information to assist with the completion of a paper on the early designs of this bakery equipment. The attached picture shows a more recent British Army ‘Perkins’ Mobile Bakery’, in regulation camouflage, imposed on a background of a train load of ‘Perkins’ Field Ovens of 1914-18, which is the tail end period of this request for information. For those interested in WW2 history, 205 Mobile Field Bakery units with 649 Mobile Ovens were delivered by Baker Perkins, with many proving valuable in bombed areas where commercial bakeries had been destroyed. In addition, 945 Transportable Field Ovens and 5 Base Bakeries were supplied for the British Armies in Europe and 2 similar units to the US Army. Any advice on this subject will be sincerely appreciated.
Bob (RF) Hadlow, PO Box 470, South Perth WA 6951 Australia

Chris Cipriani
Old memories are good memories and the people of Baker Perkins are what made those memories, truely, we were a family, both in the UK & US not to mention other parts of the world. I have worked for BP, APV Baker and now Turkington APV USA since 1967, never missed a paycheck. I have worked in the sales layout, sales and field service. I could offer a zillion stories, but instead I'm going to mention names of people who influenced or helped me and perhaps their names will remind you of a story or two, and put a smile on your face. (Excuse my spelling) UK...Jim Baker, John Peake, Tony Canum, Mike Smith, Adrian Golby, Bob Wooly, Dick Talbot, Bob Bestley, Elaine Newton, Barry Forster, John Warrilow, Rob Francis, David Hart, Eamonn Treanor, Kevin Wright, John Leake, David Marshall, Mr. Vulture Aussie Land...Don Jones, Kevin Corkran, Greame Weatland, Eric Box, Paul Willett, Gregg O'ConnellUS...Phil Harley, Mar Webber, Ron Watson, Jean Cabot, Gotty Helwer, Jim Garrett, Erv Waack, Jim Reid, Al Blumeline, Bob Sievert, Bob Brown, Bob Kluck, Bill Zettle, Chuck Doutre, Don Hefner, Sue Waack, Sue Comstock, Vera Valassis, Joyce Zeilinger, Dick Schlachter, Joe (50 Years) Batkoski, Pat Conti (Scott), Ron Brow, Bill Holzmer, Jack Thorsby, Jim Wilkinson, Bill Bennett, Bill Gatz, Hiram Temple, Dale Stimpson, Pete Petry, Micket Booth, Frank Sims, Dewitt Sims, Dale Hoag, Jim Palmer, Bea Goidazak, Chuck Merritt, Lynn McManus, Bob Simpson, Morris Jones, Dick Snell, Fred Kissel, Vern Cronk, Harry Fisher, George Levi, Jim Rosin, Harold Muter, Rudy Wegner, Bill Mickey, Art Poole, Larry Doyle, Kenny Doyle, Hank Bremer, Bob Wells, Pete Valentine, Len Nelson, Paul Ogawa, Art Hobart, Jim Newkirk, Faro Faghir, Hal Brown, Bob Kirkpatrick

Marion Doyle (Wilson)
I have just returned home to the USA from a trip to the UK, spent most of the time in Peterborough visiting family. I checked out the former BP site at Westwood.  I love reading the comments in the guest book. Great Web site

Gabrielle Abbott
Does anyone have a copy of the October 1988 issue of APV News that I could have/borrow? I thought I had a complete set, but this one is missing and contains a feature on the Special Projects Division that I would like to re-read. Any other background information on Special Projects also of interest. Contact: 01733 283122 or

julie sallis
nice to read about some old colleagues, remembering gordon jarvis and the 5p collection for underpriviliged childrens parties. hi to anyone who knows me. fantastic site thankyou!

John Rolt
Great site and thanks in particular for the Rudolph Ihlee illustrations - I didn't know that copies had survived. I have family connections - Freddie Ihlee and artist brother Rudolph were (two of) my great uncles; my uncle Rob Rolt was a manager (Works Manager?) at one point and my cousin Jim did his appenticeship there in the late 60's. Best wishes for the business and the website!
John Rolt

Michael Ellis
My father, Murray Ellis has passed away this morning, 10th August 2005, at the age of 85. He was always proud of his years at Baker Perkins where he worked for over 40 years. His funeral will be on Monday22nd August at 11:00 All Saints church Thirsk, North Yorkshire. No flowers but donations to Lambert memorial hospital, where he passed away, with his family at his side.Please free to e-mail me for further details.
Mike Ellis

Hello everyone.I am working in one small coffee shop in Alresford, Hampshire, and we have there an original fireplace with sign BAKER PERKINS Ltd.,ENGINEERS, PETERBOROUGH & LONDON.I am trying to trace when it was build, for whom and for what purpose exactly it was and some more informations about it, how it did work and so on.If anyone can help me (or tell me where I can try to find out more) I will be really gretful. Thanx and have a good day all of You :-)

Dick Preston
Marketa, I have tried to contact you but have had problems with your e-mail address. Please contact me on and I will try to obtain an answer to your query.

Jeff Rippon
Working at Baker Perkins was the best years of my working life. I worked in Bakery Sales with some of the nicest people I have ever met. I was lucky enough to be in the works fire brigade for a while and have many happy memories. I am sure your site will be a tremendous memory jogger for many people.

Ken driver
Further to your request for information regarding the formans cup i can tell you that it was presented to my son in 1984/5 and he was the last to be awarded the cup and it is still in his possession.

Carol Abell (Barrett)
Message in reply to Alan Fosters request for maps of station area, not a map but some lovely photographs are available of the pubs and hotels in this area in a new book by Rita Mackenzie and Reg Wilcox. You can contact Rita on 01733 572758 and it costs on £10.Carol

Mary Baxter
Hello there
I have just been looking at the web site again, the first time in a long time. There seems to be much more on it now, growing all the time it would seem. A wealth of different memories come back as I look at some of the old photos and read some of the different messages. On the old guestbook site Gabrielle Abbott asked when the Westwood Works site actually closed as she did not think it was in 1991 when Rockwell announced the company closure. She is right. I was still there at the time and I recall a 'Farewell to Westwood Works Party' in October 1992 somewhere in one of the now empty drawing offices at the end of the week before we moved to the premises in Bretton occupied by Budget Insurance. It was complete with an iced cake with the Baker Perkins logo on it. I worked for many years as a programmer in the Computer/IT Department and prior to that for a few years in the Accounts Department. I finally left in June 1993.I continued to work in IT, in the automotive industry, for nearly ten more years but finally managed to escape!! I currently work in administration for local government. I believe I have one or two photos of a charity five-a-side football match, men versus women, that I foolishly took part in sometime during the mid-1970sshortly after I joined the IT department. I ached all over for at least a week after that! I'll try to find them! Also around that time I can recall helping out once or twice at Christmas parties for under-privileged children held at the Sports Club Hall in Alma Road. A fascinating web site - keep up the good work.
Mary Baxter

Mick Bereznyckyj
Hi to all those that remember Me, and the good times when Pete Maddox "ran" the production electricians pool. If I remember  - Reg Clithero, Dave Hopkins, Roy Crick, John Thurston, Fred Ashwell, Terry Chamberlain, Stan Gibbs, Eric Beeken, etc.etc. If I've missed names then please add. oooh. Pete Horwood - inspector!!! Times never forgotten.
Cheers - (Mick the Russian)

John Miller
Hi there,
My father, brother and late wife all worked at BP and I just wonder if photograph 8A could possibly be a young version of Ray Measures probably taken in the early/mid 50s?I have really enjoyed looking through the old pictures as some of them were my dad's (Horace Miller) friends.
Regards, John Miller.

Clive Read
I worked in the photographic Westwood from 1962-1988 and when I started my own business I ended up with many old BP videos on 3/4 inch umatic tapes. I found these, with a few hundred tapes belonging to my other customers, when I was clearing my attic out for a loft conversion, all were destined for the tip. But I noticed among the videos the following titles...
The biscuit business
There has got to be a better way to earn a living
The Simplex bread plant
Bulk handling from BP
Commisioning Creamers
Starchless Moulding
Languages in Industry
The video "There has got to be...." is a fascinating tale presented by Maggie Philbin about how good it was to be an engineer at BP and the video "Languages in Industry" explained how it was important that all BP workers spoke another language. I well remember shooting these programmes on the new video rather than on film as we had always done before. I could not let these go to the tip so I have copied them all to a DVD. I can make copies if you wish
Clive Read (Ex Chief Photographer BP)

Barry Wingfield
Having left Baker Perkins in December '76, it was a surprise to find an old colleague at the 2006 Harrowgate World Foundry Congress some 30 years later. Micheal Breeze then went on to introduce me to the web site and my old foreman Arthur Grey, who is still as articulate as ever.
As you can guess I'm still in the foundry industry having worked for Foseco for the past 30 years since I left Pererborough, but I still recall the idea's - the friendships and the fun of an apprenticeship at Baker Perkins. This was an excellent experience made all the better by seeing some of their pictures.

Jim Spencer
Hello to anyone who remembers me. I worked at Westwood Works bet 1949 and 1987 when I retired from the Customer Services Dept. A Merry Christmas to you all. This message has been placed on here by my son who will pass on any return messages!

Marion Doyle (Wilson)
Does anyone happen to have Jim Farrow's e mail address? I accidentally deleted it from my address book. Thank you.  

G Shields
Hi Clive if i could get your e-mail address so i can contact you i would be very interested in copies of your DVDs .

MR W Savage

My Father Walter Savage worked in the tool room at Baker Perkins from 1939 to 1968 approx& enjoyed many happy years there , he is now 98 years old still in good health& still lives on his own. He sends his best wishes to all those that knew him .

Leni Robson
I am trying to build up my family tree and think that my Great Grandad worked here. Edwin Mazingham. Could anyone tell me the dates he worked here and also DC Mazingham. This would be fantastic. Many thanks Leni Robson.

Dick Preston
Will the kind person that sent three photographs to my home address:
The 1937 Westwood Works Ambulance Section.
"Veronica" feeding a laundry machine.
A group of ladies outside Westwood Works offices.
please get in touch as no covering letter was included and I would appreciate the chance to discuss the subjects and to return the photographs after processing them.

mr gary beaven
hello there its was me who sent the photos in i got them in house claerance i dont need them back as they are of no use to me i hope they will be of some use to you thank you

Dennis Taylor is the only name I recognise besides Dick Preston. Dick keep up the good work you are doing a marvelous job. The office block pictures bring back a few memories.
Dennis do you originate from the Priory Rd area? Do you or anyone remember Ernest (Ernie)Marshall from 83 Priory Rd? I to am doing my family history, I don't suppose anyone has any pics of Ernie at work possibly between 1947 till retirement, Ernie died July time 1979.
Alison Nightingale (Marshall) Victoria Australia

Lillian Hosea
My father, Jimmy Hosea worked for Baker Perkins through the 1960's and until his death in 1974 (when I was only 11)
I wondered if anyone has any photographs of him or has any memories of his work.

Walter Savage
I would like to say thankyou on behalf of Walter Savage to the gentleman that rang him from America & reminised about their good times at Baker Perkins . You must have gone to great lengths to track him down your call pleased him a great deal , also thank you to the Baker Perkins web site as had it not been for you their phone call would not have been possible .Thanks again John( his son )

Dick Preston
REUNION Don't forget the Reunion to be held at 7.00pm on Friday 28th April 2006 at the Parkway Club, Maskew Avenue, Peterborough. All ex-employees and their partners are welcome. Tickets are only £5 per head.

Stephen Brudenell Today is the first time I have had chance to take a good look at this site. Excellent ! I was at Westwood from 1968 to 1992 and have very fond memories of the place.Such a shame I was cheated out of my "gold watch" (2yrs short) Would be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers me.

jacky reynolds
Does anybody out there remember Richard Stanley Reynolds (known as Stan) .Was moulder for years brother of Tom, if so any info would be grateful.worked from 1936 apprentice to approx 1960s

Steve Grainger
Hello just had a trip down memory lane reading throught the website. Cloggs, Ferret, Trev, Butts reminders of happy days where political correctness was yet to be invented. If anyone wants to Mail me feel free it would be great to hear from you.

Ray Collins
Hallo to everybody, I worked for Baker Perkins from 1978-1992, starting at Bedewell Panel Shop.
I used to travel down to Peterborough, to work for a few days, that usually meant about 3 weeks. Transfered here in 1987, working at Bretton, until finished when the company was split up. Would love to hear from anybody that I had the pleasure to work with.
Seen a few faces that I recognise???.
Ray Collins

Brenda Todd
I worked at BP between 1953 - 1957 in the office. Does anyone elso know anyone from the offices during this time?

Dennis Taylor
Alison Nightingale I have a common name and I do believe two or three Dennis Taylors worked at Westwood .Perhaps some of them will say I didnt work there, only attended every day. I did not live in Priory Road but did go to West Town school in the 50s until 57 some of the ex pupils did eventually work at westwood some even putting in over 25 years. I worked down Midland Road for the first 7 years after leaving AMVC Glinton at the other B P. Shell mex &BP the oil depot next to the CO_OP bakery

Fred Davis
I very much enjoyed the reunion 28Apr 2006. Bumped into a number of familiar faces.
Although I was only at Baker Perkins between 1985-90, I have a many excellent memories - of colleagues, Alma Road, Caravanning, the motor club, Special Projects, biscuit machines etc.
Very best wishes to you all. Fred Davis

Anon !
Some character recollections ..of the early 80's ..
Andy "My alarm clock bust again !" Smith - Biscuit Fitting shop.Les "I saw a mouse running across that large block of test chocolate, .. thats why I was hitting it with a hammer" Bennet. - Bakery Fitting shop.Dave "You'll get piles sitting on the steel marking out table" Stonebridge - Apprentice school Fabrication.Jerry "I was resting my eyelids" SlapJack - Fitting shop stores. Paul "Curly" Cumpson (King of the Afro !) - Bakery Fitting shop.Fred "Snuff" Randal - Bakery Fitting shop
Pat "Hot tip in the 3 o'clock" Sad - Bakery Fitting shop.Mick "I passed out and missed the whole of the Jimi Hendrix gig on the Isle of Wight" Belson. - Bakery electrician.Tom (At the shop across the roadat dinnertime)"Two cheese and pickle - eccles - steak and kidney" Ayliff - Apprentice shop machine shop.Alan "Anybody can sling a£250.000 grinder" Eldred. - Machine shop Manager.Ray "Paper-mache cills are normal on a Mk3 Cortina" Lydiard.(Whilst luring a green-horn apprentice into buying his first car)- SparesTony "I haven't got a temper like vesuvius" Palese - Bakery fitting shopJim "Time for 18 holes" Weston - Biscuit fitting shopMick " Wacker" - "It will soon be the cricket season" Weston - Bakery ForemanStaff "Shop floor Movie set props manager covering and disruptingvisiting TV crews" Thomas .- Biscuit fitting shopAchiles (Aggi) "Can you help me build this wine press" Natola - Slinger Biscuit fitting shop.ALL good memories of the Baker Perkins "family"

Dennis Taylor
Living in Devon is far removed from Westwood I know, but on Thursday of last week a friend from "down yere" came to see me and mentioned that had I worked at Westwood. My friend writes a weekly article in the local Herald Express newspaper. A man called John Richard White had just died at the age of 81. He was a local Dartmothian but it appears for around three years of his long life he worked at Westwood. This would have been around 1947 to 50 The reason it seems after World War 2 platers were no longer required in the small ship building industry in Dartmouth so John had to venture forth. Its a small world when you look around.To those who read this and may know me you will be pleased to know that I am in receipt of my free bus pass as from 6th of May butunlike Peterborough mine is valid for the whole of Devon. that should cheer some of you young fogies up.

Antony Foreman (Shields/ McLean)
I've been trying to find two old friends who used to live in Hunstanton with me between 1965-70. Gary and Keith Medler who work or used to work here. Any forwarding address/e-mail would be appreciated

mia williams
 this site is so intresting.....mia

Brenda Jo Brooks-Murphy
My grandfather, Joseph A.Baker, was President at the Saginaw Baker-Perkins from 1950- until his death in 1955, I believe. I have very little history of my family, but was brought up by my grandmother, Eleanor Eileen Farley Baker.
She was born in Trenton, Ontario.
I still live in Saginaw, Michigan. Any help of family history would be appreciated. Thanks

Robert ('Fred') A. Hill
Greetings to all.
Having been away in Australia for a number of years, it's good to come back and find that the old BP is being remembered and - in some form at least - still lives on. Being the fourth generation of my family to have worked at Westwood, I'll get some deatils to fill in our missing family members, including Great Aunt/Uncles and so on. It was good to see that Dad (Les Hill) and I are already listed.

Paul Roper
Hi everybody who knew me, Never had the privelage of doing my apprenticeship at Baker Perkins but I certainly became a better engineer by joining the company as a field engineer in printingand having the privelage to work along side some superb engineers, particularly when I went into the factory working with the folder section on the new generation folder HS ororiginally called2C2.Just to let some of those people involved be aware that the first folder sent to Cradley is now finished due to the company closing; the second came here to Denmark,where I now work again, and is still hitting speeds of12 metres per second and the G16 units with it just out perform anything alongside it. Should Bakers still be here today then goodbye MAN Roland; the third went to Mirandela in Portugal which we recently renovated last year while I was still at Goss and achieved top speeds on all its products whilst there; the fourth went to Banta in USA but I know little or noneof its history, The fifth and final was put together on a G25 in Toledo USA with Mirandelas software to make it work and we achieved 90,000 copies per hour in Double Parallel. That press and folder are now in Melborne Australia. For those who worked at Baker Perkins hold your heads high and be proud. The factory in Peterboroughproduced the finest printing machines in the world.

Phil Bird
Hi all, I was at BP from 1972 until 1980, first 4 years as an apprentice, moving to the maintenance dept as a Millwright, had 8 great years there. I have an interesting story which I thought I should share.
My wife has family in Newcastle, here father Andy Donaldson played for Newcastle in the 1950s and for Posh in the 1960s, on my first trip up to meet the family, I was introduced to Mary my wife,s cousin, who,s name is John Mulligan, during our coversations I found that John was also a BP man, he worked at Beedwell in Gateshead, we were both playing for the respective BP football football teams at the same time, and following deeper investigations found we may have played against each other in the year 1975. John was a plater at BP now has his own air ducting business employing 4 people.
 Regards Phil

Roger Tuttlebee
To those poor unfortunates that had the dubious honor of being within my inner circle (I.E. Anyone that didn't have the presence of mind to avoid me)Hello, again. I have EXTREMELY fond memories of my time at BP. As an Apprentice, doing the rounds of the various departments and then as a Toolmaker Apprentice doing the rounds of idiocy. For3 years I did the nightshift, to allow me to finish my Higher National. At PTC during the day on Monday then working the Monday night shift. I was younger then, no problem!! Just like going out on the razz till 2:00 am and getting up for work the next day, for the youngsters "It is no problem"Can't do it now :o(To start listing the names of the guys that I had such fun with would open a real can of worms. Suffice to say that the night shift guys were able to have a lot more fun .............. and you know what? We still managed to get our work done!! Come to that we also managed to get the apprentices end of year test pieces done for them, too. No names, no pack drill, Major Bing ;o} Only kidding, you scheister!!  I am now resident in the States. My time at BP stood me in very good stead. I'm proud to be one of the apprentice intakes that went on to bigger and better things as a result of my training. Now, if any of you b*ggers that want to throw some abuse at me, you now have my email address, permitting you to do so
Wishing you all the best of health and happiness,
Tuttus Carborundus
PS "Tutoo todoooo' It's a big do"
PPS If anyone knows the wereabout of that long streak of p**s, Dave (chippy) Wilson, tell him about this site!!

Roger Tuttlebee
Since my email address isn't included anywhere in the body of my guest book entry #73!!!Here it is in entry #74 ............

Alan Storey
I worked at the Bedewell division of BP in Hebburn. After my electrical apprenticeship, I ended up in the drawing office where I finished as an Electrical Engineer,but not before I had completed amind numbing period of years wiring and testing control panels.My endurancelasted from '83 till Dec '99 when, after a zillion redundancies,plenty of wool pulling over the eyes,cleverly worded statements, and an empty chocolate machine,(the Enrober broke down) it finally closed. As they say "It got me started". I'm now working in the high voltage industry as an Electrical Designer.


Tex Capozzi
Hi every one I ran into the B P website whilest looking for some 2C folder parts This is Tex Capozzi I was an apprentace Fitter Year1969 to 1974 With the crazy people Allan Pulford , Andy Smith, Snowy Lane, Tom Patterson, Willy Wilson ,Curly Pateman,And all the rest.  I was so lucky to be able to learn a trade at Baker Perkins I have never been unemployed always had the jobs I have wanted. Anyway I wound up here in Grand Terrace California and I am still married to Maureen "MO" I would like to hear from any of the old crowd my e mail address is TOESLOW@AOL.COM  I am 70 miles east of LosAngeles, 220 miles south of Las Vegas

Gary Crowson
Hi everyone who remembers me. Started in 87 as sheetmetal worker then moved into sub-contact engineering. Had 14 great years of my life there before moving to Manchester. Did not settle now working for Dyer Engineering as a Sales Engineer. Has some great laughs at APV miss all my buddies in Manufacturing. Now living near Consett in County Durham happily married once again (you only live once).

great web site brought back fond memories of the works fire brigade daysi left to join the full time boys at dogsthorpe blue watch in the seventiesi now live at yandina creek 100kms from brisbane in queensland australia i am a full time firefighter based at caboolture which is in the brisbane north region still love the job will be retiring soon as i am now sixty good luck to all

Is the Ken Brocklehurst on your roll-call originally from Preston, Lancashire?

Peter Wells
I worked for Baker Perkins in the Computer Dept from 1969 to 1980 before moviyng on to other IT roles. Your site got me thinking about the old times and my years in Peterborough, thanks and good luck.


Dick Campbell
Hi, Just a note......I was an apprentice at Westwood Works starting in 1965. Shortly after I started I transfered to be one of the United Biscuits appretices. This meant that whilst being trained at BP and indentured to them I was a UB employee. UB recognised that they could not train engineers so got BP to do it for them recognising that it would be 5 years before they got anything back.....different time horizons today!!! I believe that there was a year before me and possibly three years after. Each with a complement of 5.My years (4 of us.....lost contact withthe 5th) meet each year to touch base. We cannot find John Wiseman (the 5th man).....has anyone heard of him? There is no mention on the web siteof the UB apprentices or 'Useless B****rs' as we were often called. Perhaps someone can remember us.

Peter Wells
Sorry e-mail address should be

Keith Potter
I started at BP in 1979 as a nervous apprentice and ended up in the biscuit division fitting shop ,worked with some really great tradesmen that taught me a very good trade which I brought with me when I tranfered to APV Baker Australia in 1989 ,what an eye opener that was ,lasted 5 years then went on to brighter things.My time at BP Peterborough was probably the best times I had in my working life it was a very enjoyable place to be a part of with the people and especially the social club which I left the worse for wear on many occassions, a big thanks to all the guys that taught me and all my old drop me a line if you want to ,always good to her from old mates.

Dick Preston
Hello Gerry, I am not certain that this is what you are looking for but already filed in the Catalogue of Baker Perkins Archive that we are helping to build at Peterborough Central Library is a brochure - "A Peep into Smith & Vospers Bakery" - Ref Code PAS/BP/3/3/1/14. This is said to give information about the bakery of Smith & Vospers of Southsea. Take a look at: and scroll down to Page 12.You can contact Archive Services at Peterborough Library on Good Luck 
Best wishes ................. Dick Preston

Gerry Murphy
Good morning all.I know this is a long shot.I worked at Smith & Vospers Bakery in Southsea forabout two years around 1967. I later worked in Campions Bakery, alsoin Portsmouth.On a visit to Portsmouth a few years ago I discovered that the Smith & Vospers premises had been demolished.Would anybody have any photographs of this plant? Any information would be of great interest to me.
Kind regards

Gerry Murphy.
Carol Abell (Barrett)
I would just like to echo the family feeling that we all gained from working at BP, this shows whenever I meet anyone no matter how long it has been since we last met, we pick up like it was only yesterday. We all have such fond and happy memories of our time at Westwood Works. I started in Purchasing in 1963 and worked with some great people, I then moved to Pensions (great Christmas film shows!) and Salaries before moving to Personnel and Travel - I don't think I sent anyone to the wrong place!! Sadly I left in 1997 and was lucky to work for two charities helping the blind until I finally retired. I was sorry not to be at the reunion last year but I will deinitely be at the next one in 2008 and look forward tomeetinglots of old and not so old aquaintances! Many thanks to Dick Margaret and James for making it possible for us to keep in touch with everyone all over the world.

thomas lightfoot
i worked at beadwell and joined the outside engineeering in 1960worked in bakery, laundry,foundrey, petro chemicals, joined the printing division 1967worked in emap, reading, slough, denmark, sweden, germany, portsmouth, leeds, watford, mylton keynes, scotland, my last job was at kingfishers1990 retiredstill building models of printing presses age 81

John Wilson
I served my student apprenticeship at Hebburn from 1954 to 1959 and must say that it was an excellent time. After a couple of years in the drawing office (Does anyone remember Cecil Knott chief Draughtsman) I moved into the paint industry as a works engineer with British Paints, later Berger. I credit my successful career managing paint companies around the world with the basic training received at Baker Perkins.

Carien Krapohl
I came across this site when my father in law gave me a brass / copper timer that were mounted on one of the ovens in Upington South Africa. The name is very prominent on the timer and I wanted to know the history of the timer. Very nice site but I could not find any reverence to these timers.

The words “Baker Perkins Ltd Westwood Works Peterborough is printed on the face. Help will be appreciated

Thomas Suwelack
I just happened to find this site - my father klaus suwelack at Sula - Werk  bought the first microfim cooker and depositor for the german market. I was a boy then but remember well having met amongst others gordon steels and richard verity. Might be interesting for you that this first microfilm is nowadays still in operation- after many modifications and refits though. I would very much appreciate if anybody could pass my regards to gordon and richard! – Thomas

Bruce Coaten
Thanks Dick, for making me aware of the two Westwood works web sites. As you hinted there is much of interest and vast plumes of information. You have obviously left no stone unturned, and I dread to think of the hours you have spent, constructing this most worth while, labour of love. It would appear that B.P. employees felt a strong sense of pride coupled with family, and you have nourished those two virtues within both sites, for a global audience, your webmasters have also done a fine construction job. More power to your elbow, and thanks for an honest ,informative, volume of work.. Bruce Coaten

Rick Andrews
Hello....I operate a G-14 web press and thought I'd research where it was made. The press was originally purchased by the Morman church in Utah U.S.A. My company purchased it from them in 2003 and it now resides inMA, U.S.A.I realize that the printing industry has changed but you all made a fine machine there. It is extremely well engineered and  built and prints a good dot. But I have to tell you.....that c-2 folder is a handful. Thank you all for your hard work over the years.

Laurence Garey
I just found this site through an aviation history forum, and find the history and phtographs very interesting. I lived at the grocer's shop in Priory Road, just near Westwood Works from the end of WW2 until the 1960s. Both my grandfathers worked for Baker Perkins. I used to pass in front of the Works on my way to St Mark's school. I thinkI can still remember field guns in what later became the car park, opposite Grange Road. Is that correct? Also the camouflaged office tower.

I was very interested in aviation and spent a lot of time watching the locally based light aircraft, especially the Austers.I well remember the BP and Mitchell Aztecs and Dove. I was in 115 Sqd ATC on the old airfield. You can see something of my interests on

I have a photograph somewhere of my grandfather, who was a pattern maker, with a giant mixer blade that he made.I shall post it if I find it. I should be pleased to here from anyone with memories of that time from the 1940s to 60s.

Laurence Garey

I just found this site through an aviation history forum.

There are several photographs of the airfield.I congratulate you on your very interesting site. I lived in the shop in Priory Road, just near Westwood Works, from the 1940s to the 1960s. Both my grandfathers worked at BP. I also used to pass the Works on my way to St Mark's school each day. I seem to remember field guns in the car park. Is that correct? Also the camouflaged office tower. I was interested in aviation, and was in the 115 Sqd ATC on the airfield. I well remember the BP and Mitchell Aztecs and Dove. I have a photograph of my grandfather, who was a pattern maker, with a giant mixer blade that he made. I shall post it ifI can find it.

Laurence Garey
Further to my message today,I have fiound the photograph of my grandather and themixer blade taken at Werner's in 1912. How can I upload it?

Laurence Garey
This is my grandfather, Marcus Garey, pattern maker, with his pattern for a mixer blade at Werner's. The date on the back is 1912.

Neil Aldridge
Great to see this website. I have many happy memories of Westfield Road, especially the people and the broad education that I got that is probably unobtainable today. I left to join Mars Confectionery and built the Ripple Line 12 years ago. If you have eaten a Ripple I had a hand in it. Since then I have focused on IT for Mars. An earlier post mentions Robert Hill, he did leave to become a vicar but first he spent time in Australia with the Seaman's misson. He's now a vicar in Kettering. I can be contacted on abcacc dot co dot uk.

John Haward
I started in 1961 as a Graduate Apprentice when Jim Deboo was in charge of the Apprentice training. Retired in 1997. You might like to read this:


Reading the account by J.E.Pointon entitled "Early and trying Difficulties in getting the Divider accepted by customers and workers" brings to my mind the difficulties we had in 1975 to 1980 with a high output 4 pocket divider on plants of 6000 pieces per hour.

A 4 pocket divider called the "B31" had been produced and installed in a number of large plant bakeries and there were many complaints of bad scaling accuracy. It was not just that there was a larger standard deviation but the number of "flying lightweights" as we called them was far too high. These could be up to 20 or 30 gms light yet 95% of the weights could be within an acceptable range of about 12 gms. With new legislation in the UK to tighten the weight control of finished loaves we received strong criticism from the main bakery groups who were using this divider.

I was Chief Product Engineer at the time and had to carry out numerous tests in the bakeries. I could generally convince the managers that if they were careful in lubricating the feed hoppers sufficiently the flying lightweights would reduce to an acceptable level. There were some feed hoppers with angles which were not steep enough and refitting better hoppers was carried out in a number of bakeries, though there were arguments as to who should pay.

We never understood why the extra drag caused these extreme lightweights, and we hoped that the new design of the Accurist divider would not experience the same tendency. It did appear that a bubble of air was pulled into the dough in the B 31 divider and did not escape again as the dough was subjected to the spring pressure in the pocket. Happily the new Accurist divider proved to be much less sensitive to drag in the feed hopper, and oiling of the surfaces could be much reduced. (A good thing because there was a fear of cancer producing products in the mineral oils used and vegetable oils were more expensive.)

Weight scaled is of course dependent on the density of the dough and it was surprising how many times I found that the bakery managers did not realise that the vacuum applied in the mixer was not taking effect for the reason that the pipe needed cleaning! When batches of dough were produced alternately by two mixers the effect showed up very well when the average weights were plotted out; one mixer vacuum system was working well the other was not, and the step change of about 15gms was very apparent.

Both these problems had caused some bakeries to be fined for light weights; I was sometimes told a fine of £1000 had been paid for one light loaf!

I was asked to write an article for the Baking Industries Journal on dividers and this was published in the issue for October 1974.

John Haward

Linda Clay
I am the wife of Chris Clay who transferred to APV in Grand Rapids Michigan, USA. Chris died July 14th 1999.

Stephen Brudenell
Just wondered if anyone could help.I had a relation called JACK INGRAM who I believe was an apprentice Instructor.How would I go about findingmore details of hid csreer/ i.e. when did he start /retire etc  

John Costin
I was taken on as a Student apprentice in 1946 and was very sad to learn that it is now a prison although to be fair it always seemed like a prison when I was young. It was only later that I came to appreciate the invaluable training that was given to us apprentices and the tolerance shown to may of us who nowadays would have been sacked may times over. If Laurie Goddard (who has already been on this website)or Alan (Claude) Ward read this it would be great to hear from them by E Mail on or by phone on Australia 07 49 480140 or Mobile 0408881567

Carol Abell
Ref Ivor Dauncey
Ivor was the Purchasing Manager in the 1960's and sadly died in service. I do know his wife Pat very well and I am still in touch with her and she has moved back to the Bristol area so if you wish to contact me on email I will speak to Pat on your behalf.

Michael Daking
Does anyone who have ancestors who worked at Baker Perkins from the 1914s? My maternal grandfather, Frank Horace Taylor, was a foreman pattern maker on his retirement in the mid 60s. We understand he was involved in armaments in the late 1910s. Does anyone have any information about him or his service period with Baker Perkins? Congratulations on the website and the collection of historical photographs. What a wonderful resource for the family historian setting the worker in his occupational environment.

Ben Neild
What a great site. I'm a great grandson of J. Allen Baker who knew vaguely about Baker Perkins being part of the famiy but never took much notice. How fantastic it is to find it all so well documented. I feel rather proud of the old forebears. Many thanks

Mark Ayliffe
What an excellent web site! I was a Student Apprentice from 1977 to 80 then worked in the Printing machinery division office as an Engineer until I left in 1982, so not very long by most standards. I am impressed and honoured to find my name in the Roll Call. Browsing the site has certainly brought back some good memories of my time at Baker Perkins. It's also good to see some pictures of my contemporaries. Thank you to all who have put in what must be a lot of effort to make it happen.(1977-1982)

Elizabeth Ann Briggs
I'm trying to find Trevor Williamson electrician born in Little Hulton in 1940, could anyone provide me with any information about Trevor

Mark Harris
Very sad to read tonights ET about the death of Ian Ebbs. I worked with Ian in the printing fitting shop for a few years, and played football with him Sunday mornings for BP Apprentices. My heart goes out to his family at this sad time and I hope anyone else who remembers him will join me in sending our condolenses.

Carol Abell (Barrett)
Just a brief message to everyone who came to the Reunion, many thanks for supporting us and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did, it was lovely to see so many old and not so old friends. Many of you asked about a future event and when we have our breath back we may consider this but would like any suggestions. Please email on with your comments and we will consider them for future events.

Frank Streek
I see from your list of names that a Frank Streek's picture is shown. Can you tell me how to get it touch with him?

derek burnell
i have eight scale drawings /plans of the job day light car.five sheets in all,showing details of the chassis,engine,gearbox units.    if anyone is intersted, please contact me on my e.mail address.

Jeanette Gagliano
I came across this site by accident and what a flood of memories came back!

I worked in the Field Engineering Dept from 1967 to 1969 (Jeanette White). It was my first job after leaving school. I made many good friends and had the time of my life. I very often wonder where my old friends are these days. I moved to Chicago in 1974 and now live in South Florida.

Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Dick Preston
If anyone is interested in the drawings of the Job Day car mentioned in Posting 109 below, Derek can be contacted on

Graham Crowson
Hi everyone.
I have just found this site (my dumb brother Gary Crowson) never mentioned it to me.I did my apprenticeship from '66-70. I worked in L70 m/c shop on large cylindrical grinders leaving BP in '82 for my new life in Canada. I still remember all the good times from that era, and can recall many names and faces. If only life was that simple again... Best Wishes to all. Please feel free to contact me.

Graham Crowson
Sorry, I see my email did not show on my recent comments

nicole vetzmadian
I'm up way past my bed time but I can't help myself.  I came across this site quite by accident and have spent at least 3 hours poking around.  I'm one of Harold Crowther's grand-daugher's and live in California.  I've so enjoyed reading the history of the company and viewing the photographs.  What a special company Baker Perkins was.  Thank you for the gift of being able to see Grandpa at work.

Barrie Hill
Hello, I can remember a lot of the apprentices in photo's although I served my time at AEI Hotpoint, as they were at P'boro tech with me on the City and Guilds mechanical engineering course, I have an old B/P name plate obviously from a machine manufactured by B/P, would you like a picture, as it would make a nice front page image it is 12" X 2 3/4" X 5/16" thick made of Bronze, regards, Barrie.

Laura Dauncey
I came across this site purely by chance. I came across a piscture of a man called Ivor Dauncey and I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about him. I think this might be my dads brother but unfortunately my dad passed away in 2002 so he's not around to ask. my dads name was Trevor and was born and lived in Bristol. If anybody could tell me anything about Ivor I would be very grateful. Thank you.

John Robb


I found your wonderful site from doing a google search for 1960’s UB apprentices. I was also a UB apprentice at BP and was in the year group before Richard Campbell. We were ten in number and started at Ealing on a full time German course so that we may have the chance of going to SIG Switzerland to be trained. Some would go to Switzerland and some to Peterborough. There was I think an intake the year before us, not sure if they were the first year. The only names I remember from that year were Dave Moffat and Richard (Dick) Stanley. Dave, Dick, myself and Keith Warren from my year used to travel from London to Peterborough early on Monday mornings returning after work on Friday afternoons for the weekends in Dave’s van.

I seem to remember that my wages did not cover the cost of digs for the weekend and my share of the petrol was affordable. How things have changed. I recognise some of the names from Richard post and would like to make contact with Richard again as we have not been in touch since we worked together at UB Osterley, when he lived in St Margaret’s and my wife and I lived near Shepperton.

I’m still in contact with Roger Dehany who was my room mate in digs and best man at my wedding in 1970. Glad I found your site which brought back a lot of good memories. Richard my e-mail is if you or anyone else wants to get in touch.


Sara (Sally) McCracken (nee Baker)
I wonder if you can put me in contact (her email address)with Nicole Vetzmadian, who left a message No. 113 in today's guestbook. My father (Barton Baker) knew Harold Crowther well, and I knew Harold and his wife's daughters.....Micky and Pat. (Ithink)..........presumably one of them is Nicole's mother.A fantstic web site.
Sally McCracken

Colin Wootten
Hi it is some time since I visited the site and a lot of changes have taken place. I apreciate that a lot of hard work has gone into compiling the information it contains. I worked for the company man and boy from 1953 to 1991 in all the information contained on the site I notice that the many and varied special projects that were completed by the company are not mentioned.

Too name a few the camay soap presses in the late 50s the equiping of the royal mint on its establishment at Llantrisant the building of the steel plant at I forget where,also the Chemstrand fibre spinning equipment, and not to forget the pampers lines for Proctor and Gambol. Whilst these projects were not core production for Baker Perkins they did demonstrate the versatility of the work force employed by the company.

I have to admit that during my time with the company as a fitter and production engineer I did seem to get involved with all of these projects in one way or another. But I congratulate the authors of this site they are doing a tremendous job in recording the history of the company and the people who worked there.

Dick Preston
Hello Colin.
Many thanks for your very constructive comments. I find myself in full agreement with you. When we started on this project, we did not have access to all the Company's records, most of which had been consigned to the tip. What you see on the website is based on my own experiences or on the material salvaged by forward-looking ex-employees. This means that, unless I have had personal knowledge of such projects during my time at Baker Perkins, or someone has taken the time to write down something about them, I am not able to include them in any detail. Some of the projects that you mention are alluded to on but not yet, I will confess, in great detail.

The solution is obvious, if anyone with any experience of the projects that you mention would be kind enough to jot down a few notes on each, I would be only too pleased to make contact with them with a view to developing a relevant entry.

Thank you for your kind words. I look forward to discussing your ideas further with you.
Best wishes ........... Dick Preston


Time served plater from 1948 to 1955. In between served in the Royal Army Medical Corps Egypt during time of Suez crisis. Returned to B.P. and then started my own sheet metal company. We were involved in various components for Pampers nappies and then purchased c.n.c. turret press and c.n.c. press brake and manufactured most of the sheet metal on printing presses including desks which were of a very high standard. Would love to hear from former friends.

John Purse
A really interesting site. I'm a grandson of George Stevenson Purse who waspart of the Heating and Ventilation Dept at Westwood until his retirement in 1950. Regarding the point on when this dept moved to Westwood, mentionedon the webpage covering the H&V dept, I had understood from family conversations years ago that it moved from London early in WWII. This fits with family records showing that GeorgePurse was living in London (North Harrow)up until1940.
John Purse

Glyn Coggon
Another late comer to the site! Have spent a few hours browsing around. Excellent work.I was with BP from 61-63 as a Commercial Apprentice, then from 63-69 as a Programmer working for Jack (Jetlegs) Ramsden, alongside such notaries as Dick Talbot, Dave Coles, Peter Hinch, Dave Beach, Olly Gilbert, John Todd.Regularly saw Olly at Worthing in the 80's due to our mutual love of bowls, and fondly remember my cricketing friends Bob Browning, Johnny Craythorne, Ron Statham, plus the hockey team, and of course the bowlers who set me on my 50 year love affair with the game - Olly, Ron and Horace Phillips, Ken Morris, Jimmy Jamesand many others.

John Cripps
From South Africa
I did my pre-apprenticeship & apprenticeship at BP from 1960 to 1965 and left in to go to BP in South Africa

Returned to BP Peterborough in Jan 1970 until mid 1972 Then returned to SA and been there since

What and engineering grounding!.and a wonderful web site.

alan foster
I worked for the Engish Electric Stafford/Kidsgrove and used to commission the early off-set Litho type printing pressesat EMAP in Peterborough in the 63/68 era. Recently visited the BP site and was surprised to find the situation. Has anybody any old road layouts around the Peterboroughstation area of that era?Showing pubs and hotels that probably dont now exist.

Chris Gresham
There are some wonderfull photos of Great War production here, just one thing though, the Tank on the railwaywagonidentified as a MarkV is actualy a MarkIV Male.Do you have more Tank/Tank engine photos in your archives?

Lynn Morris
I have enjoyed looking at this site and some of the old photos, particularly of the Alma Road Sports Ground where I have many happy childhood memories. I am sure some of you will have known my father Ken Morris who was the groundsman and an avid bowler from the mid sixties until his retirement. For those who may not know, Dad passed away on03/03/08, some familiar faces attending his funeral brought back many memories. Thank you
John Bland
It seems I forgot to tick the box to keep my posting re Mercial chasis private.
This one is about my maternal Grandfather who worked for Baker Perkins from circa 1924 through to retirement (possibly through ill health) in the early 1960's. Daniel Cooper was a tinsmith by trade and I recall my mother telling me that he was on the Works Committee for many years and used to proudly say that there was no need to resort to strike action in his time as things could be negotiated. He was a keen Horticulturalist and won prizes for his Carnations. I think I have identified him on some of the long service presentation photos from the 1950's. I have two photographs of him that could both have Baker Perkins connections. One is as a young man in a workshop. Perhaps someone would like to have a look at it and tell me whether it was taken at Baker Perkins. I doubt it was taken before WW1 (he was brought up in the Black Country) but I think he looks older than 18 so it must be post WW1 when he was in his 20's so most likely Baker Perkins. The second is a Peterborough Citizen print taken in later life receiving an award (a large plaque) with a number of silverware trophies on a table. Again maybe someone might be able to recognise either of the two ladies who appear to be doing the presentations. Judging by the fashions this was taken in the 1950's. Somwhere, I have some condolance letters sent to my mother on his death. I will have to dig these out.You do have a Danny J Cooper on your Roll of honour. I don't think this is my Grandfather as all the references I have is of him being simply Dan.

Stephen Brudenell
Thanks for the prompt reply. Didn't know anything about being an associate member.Will post you a cheque.

John Bland
I googled "Mercial" just by off chance and I am pleased to note that some research has been undertaken into this. I have come across reference to the chassis before as part of my research into my Great Grandfather's horsebus Company the Peterborough Omnibus & Carriage Company Ltd established in 1896. Following the winding up of the Company in 1905 (primarily because of the trams) one of his fellow directors Ald. Daniel H Redhead was one of the founding Directors of the Peterborough Motor Bus Company incorporated on 177th July 1905. The Peterborough Advertiser (12 August 1905,p5,col8) reported that the Company had "....entered into an arrangement with Werner, Pffeiderer & Perkins by which they would supply the Company with their "patent" Mercial Chassis of the best and most modern make, embodying in the opinion of the manufacturer, and other experts, all the latest improvements with the highest standard of efficiency in the most simplest form. The Mercial is a combination of all the principal mechanical parts in one compact "Tractor" centrally suspended, and so maintaining correct alignment, arranged so that driving becomes a matter of the greatest simplicity, and can be done by any average working man. The manufacturers will maintain the busses for the first six months, and at the end of that time it is expected that the capability of the vehicles for doing the work will have been tested." The article goes on to indicate that 5 buses were to be supplied. It is clear from the contemporary sketch on your website that the vehicle shown is a bus. Do you know whether any were made? The Peterborough Motor Bus Company Ltd was not wound up until 27th January 1911 and evidence extracted from dsocuments relating to the Company held at the Public Record office indicates that in 1908 it had certainly paid cash on account of Motor buses, so it certainly did something, but of course Peterborough Electric Traction (part of B.E.T.) soon realised that it needed to buy buses itself. I have details of the Company extracts which I have in part referred to. Some of the names of the other directors & share subscribers may mean more to your research than mine - does James Montgomery, Motor engineer mean anything? He was one of the subscriber. I am happy to swap notes which is why I am noting this as a private message for now. It has always been an interesting question to me as to what would have happened if these vehicles had been a success.

Rick Marshall
 I worked at Baker Perkins from 1967 to 1977 and concidered my apprentiship the reason why I have suceeded so well in engineering. I have so many fond memories of the factory and its people.
Rick Marshall Fujifilm USA.

Alan John Hughes
I was a Student Apprentice between 1964 and 1967 when I, and Graham Key, became the first to pass the 4 year Apprenticeship - but completed in just over 3 years. I left in 1967 but re-joined for about a year or so in about 1970. I worked in the Heavy Lathes Section, with Henry Hall on night shift, next to "Big Ted Foster". I see that Dennis Taylor also subscribes to this forum - I worked opposite him on night-shift when I moved over to the shaft lathe section, with Syd ?????. A great apprenticeship from which I learned many practical skills that I still use today (but not as a fitter/turner!). A fantastic web-site that I have just discovered and will take many days of reading to absorb it all.
Best Regards,

John D Boulby
By accident i brought up the roll call site and noticed a Mr Ian Barber along side Escalators, i worked i think for Mr Barber at Kone as a subcontractor he is an absolute gent firm but fair and immaculately turned out how he is missed in retirement if of course this is the same man.

Mike Appleyard
I started work at Baker Perkins, as a 'Student Apprentice', in September 1960, in the then 'Heating and Ventilation' department under the leadership of Mr Watson. Passing through all the departments, from the Apprentice Training School, and thence out onto site. It was the sort of training that set me up for life, being followed by a year at The National College for Heating Ventilating and Fan Engineering. In the grand scheme of things the company decided to close the H&V section, however they ensured my smooth progress into the building industry, finding me a position with another company, at the completion of my college year. Looking at the intake picture for 1960, it seems I must have been absent, as I can spot all my fellow apprentices, but not me. I do however have a picture, taken in the drawing office school, with Mr Baker, the Chairman of the company at that time. I am still in touch with one of my fellow apprentices, and will be jetting off to America to meet him in a few weeks time.

Dick Preston
Hello Steve, I am very sorry that you missed the last Reunion. Yes, it was widely advertised. The best way of keeping up to date with BPHS events is to become an Associate member - £5 per year (or £25 for Life Membership). This entitles you to receive our Monthly Newsletter.
Best wishes ................ Dick.

Stephen Brudenell
I worked at B.P. from 1968 to 1992. Just wished I had been told earlier about the last re-union. Is it advertised anywhere? Perhaps some one could e-mail me in good time for the next one. Fond memories, Steve Brudenell

Bruce Stimpson – Singapore
Just found this site, and great that someone is keeping the good memories alive. Everyone at Baker Perkins were great to work with, dedicated, hard working, but also knew how to enjoy their daily working life.

Lesley (Northcott)  
Came across this site whilst looking at Manor House Hospital Golders Green, which my Grandfather had links with. As a local dignitary in Wandsworth, I was amazed to find that the Union he was a leading light in after WW1 funded the hospital. Unfortunately despite being very active socially and politically the effects of WW1 meant he was lost to the community at the early age of 48. He died in Manor House Hospital in 1930."

Lesley (Northcott)
BTW My Grandfather was Elias Herbert Northcott 9 Sep 1882 – 18 Nov 1930.

Manda Jeneson - van Kooten
I moved from Holland to Peterborough in Nov. 1965. My, then boyfriend, Andrew Jeneson and his father Donald Jeneson worked at B.P and it was suggested that I would see if I could get work there as well. I was offered a job in the typing pool with Jill Wortley as supervisor. I remember being very nervous as my English was not very good but I need not have worried, the girls in the typing pool helped me a lot, especially Jill Pettit. I married in March1966 and still have the card the girls made for me. I had many happy years at B.P. One of my memories is the tea trolley coming around with lovely buttered rolls and tea in proper cups, this was before they installed a machine by the lift. I left B.P in 1969 to have my daughter, we now live in Dorset.

Gill Pettit
What a surprise to read about Manda, I remember her so well. I am still married to Howard and live in Market Deeping, ten miles from Peterborough. We have three children, 42, 39 and 36; we are also lucky enough to have eleven grandchildren.
I still see Sheila Giffen (Hazell) each week and occasionally Kath Pepper. I've just spent a few days in Yorkshire with Sheila. It would be good to keep in touch.

Martin Scholes
Hi. I am a journalist in Wellington, Shropshire, working on the Wellington News newspaper. We are going to carry a story about the Panifaction Works that was in Foundry Road, Wellington, Shropshire. Are there any archive photographs of this factory or the workers there? Any help would be most appreciated.
Susan Rohrer
I am a descendant of the Werner's who came to Michigan in the 1800s to establish the factory in Saginaw.  My great grandmother was a Werner and my grandmother was raise in a home built for her family by the Werners in Ann Arbor Michigan. My great aunt worked for Baker Perkins in Saginaw until they closed.  My mother knew Otto Werner as a child before WWII when he made business trips to Michigan.  Does anyone know how I could reach members of the Werner family?
Thank you.

Charles L Scherping
My father work for baker perkins during the war year up to his death in 1958 ,
Delos Leonard Scherping.
A new /old video from 1992 of the west wood works has been posted on you tube

Anthony Cockerill
I started an apprenticeship in 1964 as a plater, leaving in 1970 to work for myself in Lancashire then moving over to the USA in 85. I have lost touch with everyone and would love to touch base with anyone who worked there during this period, Pugsy, Ronnie ( Ian ) Ronaldson, Spos and many more .
Mick  Stone
Please can anyone assist, I am  looking for Photos of the MERCIAL and any other vehicles produced by Baker Perkins.  I am researching the history of Cambridgeshire's  Mechanical Transport.  Of course I will give acknowledgements for all information used.
Mick Stone

Richard j Griffith
Hi great list but I notice you have missed my trade, I was a plater. You have me listed as a crane driver

Keith Potter;
I started work a BP in 1979 in the apprentice school, it was a fantastic start to my working life and I had the pleasure to learn from some brilliant tradesmen and made some great friends, had my wedding reception at the club, have some good memories but some of the peoples names escape me now as I left in 1989 to work for APV Baker in Melbourne Australia, and what an eye opener it was like a little back yard jobbing shop compared to Westwood loved working at Westwood and I am still proud to say so.

Claire Harnett
Hi all,
My mum left Baker Perkins in '87 and I'm really keen to track down an old colleague of hers - Steve M. Woods who worked as a Process Technologist and was still working there in 1994, but I'm not sure how much longer he worked there for after that. I don't suppose anybody has any contact details or any further info at all? Any help would be much appreciated!
Many thanks, Claire

Peter Kroll;
Your contribution to the universe of confectionery can not be underestimated. This website shows the love and dedication this company and all it's people has and always had for confectionery. It is a pleasure reading around.
My greetings and thanks from Singapore!
Peter Kroll

Barry Rands, UK
I retired in 1989 and it has been quite a pleasure for Audrey (my wife) and I to look over the site and to recall names and pictures of friends and colleagues.Does anyone have any pictures of the L70 shop? I'll look up some pictures of when I joined in 1941 and when I retired in 1989.

Roger Ian Creed, Pinetown, South Africa
Many fond memories and recognition of names here. I did my pre-apprenticeship & apprenticeship at BP from 1959 to 1965 and left in 1968. My father Bert Creed worked in the machine shop for 50 years. Enjoyed the pictures of the Fire Brigade, of which I was a member, and hope the Rugby Club will make an appearance soon.

Steve Hudson, England
Still trawling through the site, have been contacted by several people. Does anyone know of or in touch with ROBERT HILL son of Les Hill production engineering, Robert left in his early 20's to become a Vicar.

Richard Francis, England
In reply to Dave Symonds letter dated 16 Feb. I see Sister (Doreen) Gynn at the Fitness First Gym which is situated opposite the Old Westwood site. She was very well the last time I saw her. What a superb website. I have spent hours looking through the old photos and they bring back many fond memories of my 25 years working at Westwood

Trevor Williamson, UK
(Sorry this is my correct e-mail address ignore previous.) It's good to see a lot of the old intake of 1974 appearing. Bill Brewer, was our instructor in fitting, and company supplier of "Christmas Turkeys. He could get you anything for a fag. Ferret alias (Mark Ramsden), Colin Holland and myself helped him to become a good instructor. (Titter!!)

Nigel Roberts, UK
Have worked in purchasing from 1977 to the present day. It's great to see so many old names and faces, brings back a lot of good memories.Well done Mr & Mrs Preston and James for your hard work in producing this site.

Pat Brown, England
I have only just found the site. My Dad Frank Brown (Fitting Shop-Biscuit)would love it. I have such great memories of the childrens Christmas parties and the many open days. Also, I remember the wonderful holidays arranged for the retired members by Len Yarrow, Mr Strickson, Mr Pullman and others which Mum and Dad loved (me as well as they even found room for me). Made such friends as Mr & Mrs Pacey, Tommy & Drusilla Woods, Ivy and Jack, so many more. I will search for photos.

Ivan Coussell, Isle of Ely, England
I was a visitor to Westwood Works. I worked for Pye Telecommunications Ltd. and came round in the late 1950s/early 1960s to service the radio telephones on the Forklift trucks! i remember being shown a biscuit roll, a massive brass roller, which had suffered from 'foreign material' in the hopper - resulting in 10% extra per biscuit!

Dennis Taylor, Devon next to the railway line
Can anybody remember when the main line was straightened and we were told (by Henry Hall no doubt) that the Flying Scotsman, by this time only the name of the train, would pass through Peterborough Station at 100 mph. I think most of the works was out on the lineside for that memorable occasion. Only it was held up outside the station and went through at about 20 mph. I saw it the next day full speed. I think I saw Henry Hall on the works roof as well.

Henry Kafeman, Milton Keynes, Bucks, UK
Glancing at the site brings many happy memories flooding back. I started as a Student Apprentice in 1978 from school, then went to Queens' College Cambridge for 3 years to read Engineering. Initially I was interested in Mechanical Engineering, but then changed to Control & Software Engineering. I worked in Print and my claims to fame are some of the BPACS PCBs and the Control Systems for the C1, G44 & HS Folders. Also the HDK Arm Exerciser.

Eventually I was transferred to Rockwell Automation in Milton Keynes and am still here and working in the Printing Industry (just) on Newspaper rather than Commercial Printing Presses. My service is considered continuous so I celebrated 25 years last September! Applying for a Sponsorship at Baker Perkins at 17 was the best move I ever made. The good old days are sorely missed. Keep up the good work on the Site - I will be emailing you lots of pictures, etc. Greetings to everyone associated with Westwood Works and in particular those that remember me.

Wenda Woods, UK
I began in the typing pool when i was 17, progressed to purchasing, and then to sub-contracts, i left in 1992 i find it sad to pass the place it once stood, the people became like second family to me and helped me through some tough times, i still find it hard to believe it has gone forever.

Dave Symonds, England
What about photos of the Medical Dept (suppose they'd call it Occupational Health now). Anyone remember Sister Gynn? She very kindly put my head back together one afternoon after I had cracked it open on a piece of pipe that popped out of a vice.

Dennis Taylor, Devon
I have had another look at the site I think its great will try to find some stuff soon. I have a BP Badge Didnt know the story behind it until today. I didnt know Tony Scarr was the only Bowls player I thought he was more into Football hooliganism. Picture gallery brilliant.

Dick Preston, England
Please take time to click on to the new "News" icon at the top of the page. This section will be used to bring you news about events associated with Baker Perkins' Centenary Year. At this time your help is needed with a project associated with the landscaping around the new prison. We look forward to hearing from you.

Steve Hudson, UK
What a wonderful idea Keeping up the memories of the old firm. I joined in 1966 as a fitter for one year and then to production engineering until July 1992, after 17 months practice retirement I joined Newage International, in Stamford, with many other BP faces until December 2003 when I fully retired. Would like to contact any members of the P.E.D if they are still around.

Paul Barker, England
Comments:have an interest in rose forgrove packaging machies.used to work at the seacroft site,and am looking for old photos.if anyone can help,i would be very gratefull.

John Rouse Geordieland,England
I have received an e-mail from Derek Steels in the USA. His dad was Freddy Steels & they lived on Hankey St./Westwood Street corner. He has seen & Enjoyed looking through the website (as do we all!). He asks if anyone knows the whereabouts of Brian Hodges (Bert's son). The last I knew of him he was with the Health Authotity as an Ambulance driver. Can anyone help? Thanks John

Colin "Clogs" Holland England
I started in 1974 with ferret ramsdon, trev williamson, and butts crowson ,what a shower we were, but what a great place to work and we all turned into great engineers. the baker perkins name is still held to high esteem where ever Ive worked .great web site keep it up

Andy Parr England
Joined as an apprentice in 1976,trained as a fitter under Bob Bull until 1980 in Bakery Fitting shop ,then spent another 4 years working on Bakery FED (any one remember John Murray in London ?). Still involved in Engineering. I always say that the mates I made both at Westwood and in the field set me up for life.Good times. What a good website

Andy Hunt UK, Peterborough
I started at BP as a craft apprentice in 1976, leaving c1991, after working as a turner in various depts. The apprentice in the picture captioned "Turning instruction 1977" is me. The instructor is Peter Woods. An excellent site and great to have a trip down memory lane.

Jane Hunt Nee North UK, Peterborough
My Dad, Jack North, worked for many years at Baker Perkins. When he left c1978 he was Export Sales Manager. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers him.

Oscar Chuter uk
hi charlie,
i worked with you at crumpsalls manchester in
1975, there was quite a few of us there, we were
repairing the cone drives on a biscuit plant.

Martin Walpole England
Excellent site. I ride by the old works most days and my mind goes back to the great times I had during the 1970s / 80s. Would love to meet the old faces again but alas... maint electricians Les Clark, Les Foreman, Jack, Stan Howes, Ken, Freddy Ashwell, Gibby, Tom, Wilf, Hank (he's probably still there on overtime, has anyone checked) Reg, Dennis and Bernard.

Nigel Hilton UK
Well done for a good layout on this historic company. There will never be another !, where are the old printing electrical lads ?

Terry Gren USA
I wish to thank all the people from Baker. I have the best of memories and the best of times.

Bill Forrest england
just found out about this site nice to see some old names are still around
i was in the fitting shop as a slinger for nearly two years plus 1961 made lots of friends i hope and now work with bill clarke hope you all remember him.
ps ARTHERRRRRRR (do you remember Arther Thompson)

Brian Pflanz USA
I was just informed of your sight by an old Baker Perkins field service man. I am thrilled that someone has taken the time to keep the Baker name alive. I am one of a few people left from the Baker Perkins Printing Machinery (U.S. facility) starting in Barrington, Illinois and later in Schaumburg, Illinois. I started in 1984 and have been in the Parts department ever since. The few left have survived APV Baker, Rockwell, and the many incarnations of GOSS. We are still going strong and the Baker name is alive and well in the U.S. with a lot of equipment still running.

Great site!!

Brian Pflanz

John Rouse 'geordieland'
I have been on the 'site' quite a few times, what great memories. Is there anyone who remembers the Ambulance Section & the Annual Competitions? I took part in a few 'interdepartmentals' & won the Championship in 1956(?) with Terry Bean, Mick Rate & the late Tom Todd. If there are any memories out there please record them on the site. Pictures would be great!! John

Wayne Carrington Gary Hockley USA
Gary and i just met with Jeff Parks in Chicago and he told us about this site. Had a real trip back in time looking at the pics. We are over here still working on Baker presses. Love to hear from anyone who knows us from the fitting shop.................Wayne and Gary

Howard Baker uk Holmfirth W.Yorks
Congratulations James, the hard work's paying off. Each time I visit there is something new to look at ! Is there a chance you can blow up one of the factory schematics and enlarge the descriptions on the buildings, my memory isn't what it used to be and I could use a reminder of what was where.

I joined BP as a student apprentice in 1986 and was with BP/APV until 1998. A happy 12 years when, when on the Westfield Road site I worked in the DO and managed the Biscuit Rolls section. I am now Chief Engineer of two Nestle factories after a spell at Burtons Biscuits in Blackpool.

Arthur Thomson (Bloater) gb
I was in the first intake to new apprentice school in 1953/4.ended up as a fitter in Jack Larmans shop. Left BP in 1966 and served 14 yrs @ hotpoint as a design engr.Made redundant in 1980 and have sold Anglian Windows for 23 yrs. BP experience has stood me in good stead with my subsequent career changes. Still in P/boro!
I like this site---Happy memories

Charles Leiper uk aberdeen

Laurie Goddard Australia
Sad to learn of the demise of BP Westwood. I had very happy times there between 1944 and 1950 initialy in the main office building and later as an apprentice in the fitting shops. My training was first class with hands on experience from day one under the guidence of qualified tradesmen. I can remember many friends of that period, Johnnie Costin, Alan ("Claud")Ward, John Lynch to name a few. I also remember the help and support I received from Foreman Kirby and Chargehand Jack Rouse during my final years on the BCM assembly floor. From this small beginning I moved on to enjoy a succesful and most rewarding career in mechanical engineering both in the UK and Australia.

Jim Farrow England
Amongst my photo collection I came across a very old picture of the company fire brigade. This was given to me, several years ago now, by the widow of the late A.R.(Vic)Cavanagh. This was taken outside the main entrance to the 1914 building and must have been in the quite early days of the company in Peterbnorough. I cannot remember a glass canopy in front of the entrance. The picture is in Puzzle Corner. I can only recognize one of the fireman which is Percy Bartram (2nd from the left as you look at the picture)who,in my time at the company, worked in the C.P.O. Can anyone name the other members of this team? Kind Regards

Roy Laxon U.S.A
What a great co. I stumbled on BP in 1946 when I left grammar school. I spent 5 years getting the best training as an engineer finishing up in Choc & Conf. design. It served me well as I finished up in Canada as Sen.V.P.Operations for the largest co.making choc.icecream and dairy prods.
Today I am writing from sunny Florida where we spend the winters away from the cold winters of Canada. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me from 1946-1999 when I was at the company.

Mick Belson England
Hi to anyone who remebers me,I started in 1968 and am still here, 36 years this year. I served my time as an apprentice electrician and after 20 years moved into P.E.D., Then went to be a foreman in the fitting shop and now I am back in P.E.D

Shane Lancaster UK
An excellent site. I was only at Baker Perkins 9 years but it was the best experience any engineer could have! I, along with some other 'old boys', am still working in Preston on Newspaper presses for Goss (originally Rockwell Graphic Systems).We are still battling the Germans and surviving. Keep up the good work

David And Anne Boulton England
Congratulations on a magnificent site which brought back memories to Anne although she left in 1967! David is interested for reasons associated with Perkins Engines history and would like to cntact the persons responsible especailly for the documenting and photographs. Please contact me at the above address?

Stan Druitt England
Apprentice September 1942 - October 1943
R.E.M.E. October 1943 - September 1947
Apprentice October 1947 - ??? 1948
D.O. Chemical/Oven Section to September 1969
Teaching College (Corby) 69-72
Lincoln Rd/St Paul's School 72-81

Dick Preston UK
We have located photographs of the fire engines, thanks to Ivan Bateman and Google. We also expect to receive a photograph of the company aeroplane, again thanks to Google. The Internet is a wonderful thing!
We will be taking a break over Christmas but please keep logging on in the New Year - we are still receiving quantities of material and are planning new sections. These will include a "Puzzle Corner" where we ask for your help in identifying photographs and filling in gaps in our coverage.
Best Wishes from the team.

Sandy Rycroft (Nee Login) UK
How nice to look back on the photos and see the old faces. The Directors and Senior Managers were then seen as professional gentlemen and all had the respect of their staff, they in turn having respect for their employees - a bit different from nowadays.

Phil Harnett China
Not sure where to start. Thanks for the great memories, I have just spent 2 hours looking at the names and faces, and so many still missing. Worked all over the company from 1981 to 1997, Student, Group Marketing, Prod Eng, Prod Control, Personnel, Prod Mgr, Bedewell, and finally China. So many people to thank for the training I had, you know who you are! Now GM of an engineering comapany in China for part of the IMI group. I have some photos of the day we moved ot Paston, but they are in storage, will send them on in a couple of years time.

Nigel (Buts) Crowson Germany
I started in 1974 and served my apprenticship, then moved into the milling section in the main machine shop, and worked nightshift for a couple of years in the Heavy mills m/c shop. I left BP to go to work in Germany and worked in about 17 different factorys, aircraft industry, moter industry etc. None of witch came close to the work quality turned out at westwood works.
Also I returned to BP not once but twice in between contracts overseas.
It was an honour to take part in a wonderful team
and a bloody good laugh at times too.
Keep this site alive!!!!

David J Randall UK Peterborough
Great site. Memories came flooding back. Worked at Baker Perkins for 9 years, left in 1976 to work at the Regional College where we have lots of 16mm films about BP, in storage. Keep up the good work. My father Jack worked at the company for 46 years.

Trevor Williamson England
Great to see the old spirit living on. Had some of the Best and funniest days of my life as an apprentice at this fine establishment. I started in 1974 with an intake of 51 others. The last of the big apprentice runs. The Experimental Department is where I finished my time I've never met any other craftsmen like it since. Happy days. I wish you all good health. Cheers

Paul Holland England
Fantastic Web Site with many names and faces you will never forget.I started at Baker Perkins in 1971 and had what was possibly the best apprentice traning in the country. Remember Jack Hurst, Stan White & co. I'm still here after 32 years, I'm now fitting shop manager. James - remember the days in CCS Proposals. We had a great team in the CCS office

Gary Bennett UK
Just found the site.. great please keep developing it as my fondest work and social memories are with Baker Perkins. Apprentice in 1986 and moved on in 1998. A real family experience for me as my mum Sheila, dad Les and Brother Dave all worked there at some stage.

Phil Archer U.K.
I worked in the 1932 Building in Plant Eng. from 1987 to 1992. Still bumping into some of the guys in their new lives. I understand that H.M.P. are looking to put a tribute to Baker Perkins within the proposed gardens of the site.

Colin Bingham uk
Just found the site - great,well done. I started at BP in 1967 as an apprentice. Moved into the toolroom in 1970 with many good memories and old friends (remember these party animals) Brian Chick, Eddie Newton, Ray Pond, Gerry Woodhouse,Jim Fountain, my good mate Roger Tuttlebee, Jimmy Jackson,Alf Goddard, Jim Rippon,charlie symonds,Doug Harbour, Tubby Whybrow. Shame to see the old building come down but better down than left to rack and ruin

Colin Wootten England
Brilliant idea I worked for BP from 1953 to 1993 the faces in the gallery brought back many memories. Also sleepless nights going back into half forgotten memories. We should keep alive the memory of the place and people.

Tracy Smith England
Well done the 'Preston Clan' & all others who have made this website possible.
It was lovely to see photos of my late father, Alan (Alf) Smith with many of his friends I remember from my childhood. I recall visiting the social club at the weekends with dad,as he set up or dismantled equipment for the 'Terry Mann' band. However,one of my clearest memories is of dad recieving an injury during a game of rugby.I was absolutely terrified and have never enjoyed playing sports since!

Jim Farrow England
Reference the Picture Gallery.

The picture Gabrielle Abbott enquires about is Les Hill of the Machine Shop where he was Superintendant.

Shirley Gillard (Copland) USA
I worked at B.P from l951 until 1959.I worked in the Outdoor Dept Office. Then I worked in the Toolroom Office. Many happy memories from that time. The Sports Club was a big part of my life too. I enjoyed hockey and table tennis, also the dances at the club. I remember racing from the parking lot to clock in on time! mad dash that was generally. The fun we all had at Christmas time, especially the children's parties. We volunteers enjoyed it as much as the children. Thank you so much for instituting this web site. I shall continue to check in to see old friends. Job well done. :)

Jenny Mogford England
Keep up the good work... this looks like it's fast turning into a BP Reunited.

Sorry to say I never worked there (was at Perkins Engines across town) but I do visits other local websites with interest as Content Editor of

Linda Nightingale England
What a great site. I first heard about it on television and have passed the word. I started at BP in 1965 at the young age of 15 (Linda Forman) and stayed until 1977. Being so young a starter I considered it an extension of my family. I worked in the Field Engineering Department under the management of Gordon Richardson/Jim Cupit/Mervin Probert/Jim McLachlan to name but a few. It was a very sad day for me when the building was demolished. I could write a book about all the good times I had whilst working there. If there is anybody out there who would like to get in touch and chat about old times please EMail me.

Linda Tilney Nee Bembridge Peterborough, UK
What a great site....brings back so many memories!! I worked there from 1969-74. Started in the Typing Pool (remember girls?...ruled with a rod of iron by Gill Wortley), then Sub-Contracts (Bob Fuller (now deceased) was my boss), then I worked for Joan Usher in Travel. Seeing those photos of the Machine Shop reminds me how scary it was to walk through there! Also remember the great times we had at the office parties (say no more, but the old lifts always used to get stuck between floors!) and spending Christmas Eve lunchtime in the Halcyon and being scrutinised when we returned to work. Keep up the good work.....will visit again.It's true that it felt like a big family.Would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Elaine Newton England
What an interesting site ... once you start looking you can't stop. I heard about it from Shirley Pain - Food Technologist with Biscuit Division in the early 80's. The 1984 Interpack photograph brought back many memories.

Mike Bowthorpe England
Memories ~ Biscuit Electrical, all the gang in Biscuit, all the plant we produced that went all over the world, field service ~ including Tucker!, The lads and lassies in commercial, product development meetings, visits to Bedewell to see the lads, the Bedewell translation hat, Brazil, Grand Rapids, all the gang in C&C, Experimental, The systems guys on the 6th floor, Industrial Design, Purchase, Malton's Boys, Beer on a Friday, getting stuck in the lift on the way to the 6th floor (intentionally!), 1070, then Bakery ~ memories, sweet memories.

John Swain UK
Fantastic idea hope the effort continues.
I almost entered the apprentice school, but defied my parents... don't we all at some stage !
However, my parents were Steward and Stewardess at the social club in Alma Rd for a number of years, anyone remember Doug and Edna Swain ?
Fond Memories.

Peter Macgregor United Kingdom
Congratulations on a wonderful site reminding the world of one of the great names of British Engineering.
I never worked for Baker Perkins - but I know the name from many years ago when working as a buyer. Long may this site continue - I shall revisit regularly to see what new items have been added.

Peter MacGregor

Gabrielle Abbott UK
In the Gallery there is a photo of Les Hill - which Les Hill is this? Apparently there was one in the Fitting Shop and also one in the Machine Shop.

Adrian Mcmanus espaņa
I heard about the site from les nightingale. I worked in 'bakery' from 1977 through to 1987.
I still smile when I think of some of the characters - keith the spares estimator, peter 'hoohah' spencer's 'lord byron' quiff,
jim maclachlan engulfed in a cloud of smoke holding simultaneous phone conversations, tom edwards's dagger fetish, arthur hitch's 'convoluted' telephone messages,les nightingale explaining the french origin of the noun 'tirfor' to a supposedly learned geoff midgley. happy memories indeed!! I now live & work (efl teacher) in north-west spain - a far cry from westfield road!!
all the best...

Ian Selinger UK (Milton Keynes)
I have only just discovered that this site exists. In fact I didn't even know that the buildings had gone, they were there last time I was in Peterborough.
For me the best bit is the 'rogues gallery'. It brings back all sorts of memories, almost all good!. (I dont remember looking that young though) I had a very happy 20+ years and learnt a lot from some very talented engineers. Being part of the Printing Division through the glory days when sales were rocketing and we won the Queens Award was brilliant just a shame that Rockwell came along and took it all apart.
Any way congratulations to the Prestons and all the others that have put a lot of hard work into this site. I probably shouldn't admit it but I still have a collection of genuine BP nuts and bolts that I collected together when building cars in my spare time.
I hope the word spreads and the site keeps on growing.

Gloria Kinghorn England
Have just found the Website and think it's great! My father, Jim Kinghorn, worked at Westwood Works from the late 1920's until he retired in 1971. For several years he was AEU Convenor. I started work there in the Personnel Department (Commercial Training Section) from 1950 to 1962. It was so sad to witness the recent demolition of the old office block. I have a photo somewhere of the Long Service award which my father attended. I'll look it out and send it for inclusion asap.

Dick Talbot UK
Have just heard of the site. I was at the company from 1958 until Iretired early in 1999. WE never knew we had it so good!

Kevin Wilmot England
Both my grandads (Gerry Wortley and Bob Wilmot) worked for many years at Baker Perkins and my Grandad Wortley lived just opposite in Westfield Road. He could leave home at the start of the buzzer (how many people remember that!?) and be at work by the end of it. And he was usually late! I was brought up in Priory Road (mum and dad still live there) and it has been an interesting (and sad) few months watching it slowly disappearing every time I visit my folks.

Nicola Sharp
I worked at Westfield Road from 1987 to 1992 then Rockwell moved to Budget House Bretton where in 1993 I was poached and got a job at Budget Insurance. I am probably remembered as 'Les Sharp's daughter' rather than Nicola!! Hello to all those that know me, I had the best time working at Baker Perkins.

Carol Blant (Nee Hill) England
I worked for Baker Perkins from 1961 to 1971. I joined as a typist in the CPO and then transferred to Personnel as a secretary. I spent my last six years with the company as secretary to Bill Byles, the Director of the Biscuit & CC Division.

My dad, Don Hill, was manager of the Spares Department for many years. He was 82 in October and he and my mum (Queenie) celebrated their Diamond Wedding anniversary on 2nd October.

My uncle, Derek Hill, was based in the Works Office in Peterborough (1960s) before transferring with the company, initially to Stoke on Trent and then to Basingstoke.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Baker Perkins and I have some very happy memories of evenings spent at the Sports Club in Alma Road.

David Dilloway England
What a great site...!!! and oh so many memories. I will re visit as often as I can and will try to find some old photos that I know I have (somewhere..!!)
Hello to all who remember me and those who dont.
Good luck to every-one involved in this site.keep up the good work.

Mick Gutierrez England
What a good web site and brilliant idea! All the memories started to flood back and I can only echo the comments made by Dorothy Edwards regarding it a 'Family' firm. I have started to sort out the photos I have of the Printing Bay of between 1976 and 1990.

Gordon Bloodworth England
Congratulations on a brilliant web site.
I worked in the Estimating Dept, with Gerald Simpson & John Murray as heads of Dept., and that is more years ago than I care to remember, I have happy memories of the Company and of the Sports Club in Alma Road, where I worked part time behind the bar. I now work in what was Belsons Stores, which is now Heatshields Showroom!

Angela Swann
I worked at Baker Perkins for 9 years from 1970 to 1979. I met my husband Brian there, and we have been married for 28 years. It was very sad to see the building go after all those years. This is a great web site and it brought back many happy memories

Jennifer Swan England
My dad Arthur Edey worked at Baker Perkins on the Outdoor Department until his death just before his retirement in September 1979. I would love to hear from anyone who worked with my dad.
Jennifer Swan

Noel Chamberlain england
I am an ex B.P. employee , so was my father J.R. Chamberlain & brother P.J. Chamberlain ,and my wife Barbara Chamberlain [nee Woods ]. I served a 5 year apprenticeship as a tin smith,then 2 years as a improver draughtsman,and finally 10 years as a design draughtsman in the Ovens Section on the third floor, I like many others owe a great deal of thanks to this Company & yourselves for this site.

Sandra Marsh(Ron Marsh) england
hello,to every one.iwould like or if you knew my father 'ronad marsh 'either known has ron or ronnie. he was their after the war and left in 1970 due to ill health sadly he died in 1972.he was very well known for his singing and used to sing in the club and 'the hand and heart.i would be gratefull for anything .thankyou.i feel now when i walk by i feel saddened .because when the building was there i felt my father was still around .because it brings alot of memories for me .i sometimes still hear the waiting for him to come home.look forward to hearing from anyone .

Les Nightingale England
I was at BP from 1969 to 1988,I worked in the Outdoor Dept.I enjoyed every minute of my time working there.
I met some real characters who enriched my life.
I am still in the bakery business and I meet ex BP people who are spread all around the world.
I will make sure everyone I meet gets to know about this excellent site. Thaks to all concerned

Rick Marshall USA
I have just returned from england and was fortunate to see the last remains of BP. The apprenticeship I received was second to none. (1967-72). I have nothing but good memories of the people and the job.

Jim Farrow England
I read in last nights Evening Telegraph about the website you have created to tell the story of Baker Perkins. I quickly logged on and was very impressed with its presentation and content.

The Sports and Social Club played a very important part in the success of the company providing excellent sporting and social facilities. It also sold agood beer at a very good price!!

I took some photographs just after the club had been refurbished and sadly, on its closure.

I will let you have these as soon as I can for you to include in your web pages.

Dick Preston
Re Marshall Grey's note below. has anyone a photograph of the staff hostel, please?
We are still trying to find photographs of the 1960's Company Piper Aztec aeroplane and the Baker Perkins fire engine. Must be something out there somewhere.

Marshall Grey England
At Westwood a craft aprentice moved up to student aprentice when he got his National Certificate. In 1949 this oportunity was offered to aprentices at Bedewell Works.I was the first Student Apprentice to come from Bedewell Works to Westwood. I lived at the Staff Hostel on the corner of Bishops Road, opposite Woolworths. Two legendary figures lived there; Miss Baxter who ran the comptometer room and Walter hardware the gearcutting foreman.I returned to Bedewell in 1953 and married Pamela Willoughby who worked for Eric Reynolds in the CPO.

Gabrielle Abbott England
Before anyone else mentions it, the Westfield Road site did not close in 1991 immediately after APV Baker moved to Paston. Rockwell was still there for another year or so at least. Can anyone come up with an accurate date?

Graham Clay England
Hello fellow Baker Perkins workers.
I served my apprenticeship from 1961 to 1966
but left in 1967 due to working nights. It is great that a website has been set up so that good memories can be revived.
Look forward to receiving further news.

Norman Saltmarsh UK
Great site. Both my Dad ( Norman ) & Mum ( Lucy )worked at BP when I was a child. Good picture of my dad in the 1943 picture of the Home Guard right in the middle of the middle row.

Ernie And Angie Pell England
Great site, both me and my wife worked here, its lovely to see some great photographs and it brings back so many good memories. I started work as an apprentice in 1967 and left in 1976. Angie started in 1970 and left in 1978, having worked in Typing Pool, Personnel, Telephone room.

Rob Fountain England
A very interesting web site with lots on imformation. Just one comment have you any photos or information on the Baker Perkins fire service between 1935 - 1955.

Veronica Witten Ne Wright England
What a wonderful site! so many old photos, I hope that you get more sent in to put on. I recognised a few names in the gallery from my fathers time. anyone remember Bob Wright foreman in the plate shop till 1966 when he died only aged 56. Good luck to all who put this togetherand Thankyou.

Martin UK
This is a fantastic site. I have fond memories of Baker Perkins as my grandparents shop Belson's Stores was opposite. I often used to sell the Evening Telegraph outside the main office entrance when I was allowed. Every dinner time in the shop it was packed with people buying their dinner time filled rolls or cakes etc. My stepfather David Brewin worked in the offices for many years (sadly he died in 2000) and my father Les Pilarski worked there for a while. I was realy sad to see the old building being pulled down finally.
It's ironic that as I'm now an engineer with the electricity board, I had the job to disconnect the final High Voltage electricity supply into the old factory before demolition.

Roger W. Jackson. England.
I was a Student Apprentice from 1960 until 1965, and then stayed on,in various drawing offices, until I left in 1969.
The Baker Perkins apprenticeship was a good one, and it formed a sound basis for my subsequent engineeering career.
I now live just around the corner from the old site, in Mayor's Walk.

Peter Cary ENGLAND
I worked at BP from 1952 until closed in 1991,and have many happy memories of the old place.

Mark Harris England
I spent quite a few happy years at Baker Perkins between 1982 when I started my craft apprenticeship until 1992 when I was unfortunately made redundant because of the immenent closure of the Rockwell site. I think this is a wonderful idea and it brings back many memories for me.

Jean Watier (Strickson) Canada
I worked in the typing pool at BP from 1948 until 1954. My father, George Strickson, was with the firm from approximately 1933 to 1966, as a foreman and later (probably remembered by many) as the first Safety Officer. I was a member of the musical society and played for one season on the hockey team (the worst player ever). During a visit to P'boro in September my husband and I drove by BP and were horrified to see the graffiti on the walls and the desolation - so many memories.
This is an excellent site, fast, easy to use, clean with more info on than im going to be able to read.
I only know 1 person from this company, my Dad, but still find it all very interesting, I never realised the size of this historic company!
I hope the site continues to grow as more and more people log on and keep it going.

Simon Evans United Kingdom
My grandfather, Reginald Evans, worked in the offices at Baker Perkins for many years, retiring in the late Sixties. Unfortunately the information I have about my grandfather's role in the company is very sketchy and I would like to find out more. I believe my great-grandfather also worked at Baker Perkins. Anyone who can help with info I would be most grateful

Dave Symonds UK
Well what can I say, from tiny acorns and all that. What started as a small site with photos of the demolition is slowly evolving into a history of what was a great company. James, Dick, Margaret and all the contributors are doing a great job. Let's keep it up.

Gabrielle Abbott England
I know Dick, Margaret and James are disappointed at the lack of entries in the Guestbook and the Forum - so don't be shy, everyone, share your memories on the website. The stories behind the pictures are even more important and interesting than the pictures on their own.

For example: I have spoken to Peter Robinson today and he confirms that the foreman (wearing a suit, tie and cap)in the 1923 photographs of the pattern makers shop is his grandfather, George Robinson. Can we identify any of the other people in this remarkably detailed set of photographs?

John Rouse england
Nice to see the developement of the site. I think the Bowls Team is probably early 70's but can not be certain, definitely taken at the 'old' green at Alma Road. I think Mick Gilgan may have been the first to go to the perfect bowls green in the sky, but one or two of the older ones may have been there to greet him!

Dave Coles UK
Terrific idea which certainly brings the memories flooding back. I'll certainly be keeping in touch with the site, and looking around for any old photos.

Dave Coles (1958-2001) That's years employed not lifespan!

P.S. I was at Bedewell Works (not demolished but no longer in existance as part of the company) 1974 to 1984. I wonder if anyone has thought of a linked site for there?

Ed Sproston USA
Just to say I really like the Westfield web site as it is developing. I have just been looking at the photos section and wondered where you had got them from. Some of the people in there I thought were born old, but obviously not as you have pictures of them in their youth. Its amazing when you think about the internet, as I can sit here in the US pulling up pictures of long dead Peterborians in real time.

Dick Preston 23/11/03
We have just passed the 1000 hits on the site mark. We would like to thank everyone for their interest. Your comments make it all worthwhile. We intend to develop the site further and you can expect some memories of the Westwood Works Musical Society plus some quite wonderful photos of the Works as it was in 1923. Keep logging on!

Howard Pettit England
Am sure everyone applauds all the efforts being made by James, Dick and Margaret Preston in making and developing this Website into what is obviously a very interesting and memory jogging phenomena! Congratulations, well done and keep it going!

John Rouse Tyneside, England
Hello all ex-employees who may remember me. I came to BP as a student apprentice in 1956 straight from Deacons School (as did many others!) I moved to Bedewell in 1989 and was made redundant in 1998. It is nice to have friends who have contacted me after correspondence in the E.T., perhaps more photos will remind 'us old'uns' of the happier times.
Best Wishes to all involved with this site.

Stephanie Dowey UK
Thanks to Mr & Mrs Preston and James of course for starting this very interesting record for us.

Like many ex-enployees of Baker Perkins, driving along Westfield Road will never be the same for me again.

Keep up the good work guys.

Alan Kirkpatrick England
Joined Baker Perkins in 1965 as a student apprentice. After a varied career took early retirement in 2001 .......... but I cannot seem to leave. I am back again for my second stint as a contractor!

Bradley Williams UK
I am 10 years old and visited the site everyday during the demolition with my grandad who has worked for APV since 1979. My Granny also works at APV and my great grandad worked there too. I think the site is great but can't spot my grandad or great grandad in any of the old faces photos. Will have too see if they have any for you. Great Grandad - Dan Portergill, Grandad Micheal Portergill and Granny Pam Portergill.

Charlie Webster UK
Great Site Guys! I will get some pics from my album at home and send them to you! It certainly is the end of an era.........

Dick And Margaret Preston England
We are very pleased that this web-site appears to have struck a chord with a lot of people. It can be expanded - we are already talking to Les Sharp about using some of his photographs taken as the Works itself came down (including the chimney). Jim Deboo has offered help in plundering the Baker Perkins Archive stored in Peterborough Museum. We like Dorothy Edward's suggestion about including anecdotal reminiscences, perhaps we could develop a sort of "Baker Perkins' Friends Re-united".

Dorothy Edwards England
Many congratulations. I have shots taken in 2002 showing Fire Engine Shed, areas which were once old DO Archives and Barcro, DO3, Works Offices in old building, Fitting and Machine Shops and views from roof. Over the years BP has touched the lives of many people in Peterborough and I think it would be a lovely idea to gather electronic recollections. My grandfather and father both worked at Baker Perkins and of course I met my late husband Trevor there. It must have been one of the last "family" firms in the country who genuinely cared about their workforce and employed many "characters" who will never be forgotten.

Alan Eldred UK
Sad that it had to happen; but so glad that the eyesore the offices became has been removed.
I have some more aerial shots of the site if you want some.
Could this site be extended to include some interior shots?

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