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Westwood Works 1903-2003

The Baker Perkins Gallery S to Z

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Bill Sampson Doreen Sanger A W "Satt" Satterthwaite Peter Saunders Liz Scarr Tony Scarr
Claus Scherer John Scholes Lawrence Scholes Ken Scoffins A J Scott Albert Scott
Maurice Seago Dave Seekins Trevor "Sid" Seekins Ian Selinger Bob Senior Bert Setchfield
Sylvia Sewell Les Sharman Andy Sharpe Bob Sharpe Les Sharp Steve Sharp
T Sharp Mark Shearsmith E C Shelton Tom Shields Peter Shorey John Shrive
Chris Simpson John Simpson Leslie Simpson Stuart Slack Bert Slater Colin Smart
Terry Smart Tony Smart Geoff Smethurst Alan "Alf" Smith Bill Smith Chris Smith
D H Smith Henry Smith Ivan Smith John Smith Keith Smith Mike Smith
Peter Smith Phil Smith Steve Smith Steve Smith Ted Smith Zillah Smith
John Smythe W V Smythe Jon Snell Colin Snodgrass David Soar Roy South
Ted Spain Alan Speachley Tony Spencer Arthur Spink Elsie Spriggs Ed Sproston
Jeff Stafford Tony Stainforth John Stamper Jack Stanley Jack Stanton Ken Stapleford
Len Stapleford John Staples Karen Staples Eddie Steele Josie Steel Gordon Steels
Richard Stein Carol Stevens Bruce Stimpson G Stimson Barry Stirman Dave Stonebridge
Terry Stratton Frank Streek Bob Streeton George Strickson George Summerlin Gordon Summerlin
Judy Summerlin Ian Suttie Dave Sutton Denis Swingler Debbie Swinscoe Dave Symonds
Bernard Skipworth          
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Dick Talbot Christopher Taylor Dave Taylor Dennis Taylor Jim Taylor Stuart Taylor
Ted Thain Staff Thomas T A "Ginger" Thompson Arthur Thomson Fred Thomson Wes Thomson
Ralph "Cloggy" Thraves Alan Thurston Dick Tilson David Timms Clive Tolson Eddie Tomaselli
Geoffrey Toulmin Eamonn Treanor Eddie Trevor Ken Trimmings Rocky Trueman Lorraine Tutton
Pete Thompson
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Bill Uff Joan Usher
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Mike Vardanis Harold Veale Richard Verity Lou Viglione
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Carole Wadlow Paul Wadsworth Peter Wagstaff Lou Wakefield Albert Walker Nick Walker
Malcolm Wallace Jim Walters Brian Walton Malcolm Walton Matt Walton Ken Wappat
Michael Ward Mick Ward Roger Ward Trevor Ward Vernon Ward Charlie Warwick
John Warwick Alec Watling Jayne Watmore Peter Watmore Albert Watson Heather Watson
Eric Waugh Dick Webber Charlie Webster David Webster Ted Wenban George Westall
Brian Westcomb Barbara Westney Derek Westwood Doris Whalley F W White A Whitehead
Ralph Whitelam Jock Whyte Chris Wiggins Elizabeth Wildman Alan Wilkinson Ray Wilkins
E A Williams Peter Williams Frank Willows Bob Wilmot Ada Wilson Alec "Darkie" Wilson
Dennis Wilson George Wilson Michael Wilson Barry Wingfield Bill Winsworth Roger Wood
Paul Wooding Dave Woods Ray Woods Bob Woolley John Woolley Gerry Wortley
Jill Wortley Dave Wright Jenny Wright J I Wright Kevin Wright Len Wright
George Wyness
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Walid Yacu Len Yarrow Roy Yerrell Colin Young
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Roman Zrobek
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