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Westwood Works 1903-2003

The Sports Club closes


The Sports Club closed on 30th April 1991

Reads Removal Vehicle arrives Bar before dismantling John Coupland (Club Steward) pulls the last pint Emptying the bar. A view from the Bar to the Lounge Bar The empty cellar Dismantling the Snooker Tables
Dismantling the Snooker Tables Dismantling the Snooker Tables An empty Lounge An almost empty Bar An empty stage and ballroom Tables and chairs ready for removal Fittings and equipment ready for removal from the main Pavilion
The kitchen with most of the equipment removed The artificial cricket wicket removed The cricket scoreboard in pieces The cricket sight screens ready for removal Goal posts and flood lights dismantled Floodlights ready for transportation The home team dressing room at Alma Road
30th April 1991 - Jim Farrow closes and locks the door of the Sports and Social Club after over 80 years in existence

After closure, all of the Sports Club equipment and fittings were auctioned off on 26th August 1992.

The tractor was sold, but Barbara did not reach her reserve price!

At closure, the Rules of the Sports Club dictated that the remaining funds should be shared between existing members. On 24th January 1992 the Club was officially wound up and letters sent to all members indicating how much each would receive

Nature Takes Over

The once pristine sports field with its bowling greens, football pitches and cricket square - scene of first class County matches - finally surrenders to neglect and nature. In 2004, the Alma Road Sports Ground is about to be developed into a housing and recreational complex. The site has been cleared and a health-care facility is to be built where the Baker Perkins Clubhouse stood.

1991: the Clubhouse is boarded up 2003: The Developers move in 2003: The Outfield 2003: Does this Wicket take Spin? 2003: The Bowling Green is through here somewhere

This article from the Peterborough Evening Telegraph, dated February 3rd 2005, brings the saga of the Westwood Works Sports Club, Alma Road Ground up to date.

2007: No trace remains of its former glory.

The area takes on a new role

By the end of 2008, the Sports Ground had been transformed into an attractive housing development with private and 'affordable' dwellings. The development consists of a large landscaped central area, including children's play areas and a basketball court with the housing spaced around the perimeter of the site. It is perhaps pleasing that a substantial part -around a third - of the old Sports Ground will still be used for recreation. The photographs below indicate the emphasis placed on tree planting and grassed areas to complement the pastel colours of the housing. The development is known as "Century Square". Not all of the roads appear to be named, the only possible connection with the area's past being the name of the block of retirement flats at the Alma Road entrance to the site - "The Pavilions".

As at January 2009, the Clubhouse had been demolished but the Health Care building, with two floors of sheltered accommodation above it that it is understood will take its place, had not been completed.

The site of the old Clubhouse

"The Pavilions" in Alma Road

The entrance from Waterloo Road

Looking back towards Waterloo Road

The central area from the Waterloo Road entrance

Looking North from the Waterloo Road entrance

The central area and Basketball Court

Some more images of the development

A panoramic view of the development from the Walk-in Centre.
The temporary Walk-in Centre is in the middle distance. The green fence surrounds the site of the old Sports Club building.
The temporary Walk-in Centre.
Inside the temporary Walk-in Centre.

Remembering the past

To mark the Centenary of the founding of the Sports Club, BPHS had intended unveiling this plaque on a building as close as possible to the site of the old Sports & Social Club. At the present time, a temporary NHS Walk-in Centre exists just behind the exact spot, as the photographs above indicate and Peterborough Primary Care Trust had intended to build a permanent Centre fronting on to Alma Road in about two years time. It seemed to make sense to attach the plaque to the temporary building until such time as it could be relocated to the permanent building. Unfortunately only a few weeks before the Ceremony was to take place, it was announced that, because of the current need to cut budgets, the future of the Walk-in Centre is now in doubt. A consultation period is underway but the result is unlikely to be known much before the end of 2010.

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