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Westwood Works 1903-2003

Awaiting the Developers

Westwood Works stood empty from early 1993 to early 2003, the victim of time, weather and vandals. Discarded files, paperwork, dead pigeons and graffiti disfigured the once busy factory. On closure, Les Sharp took over responsibility for the site and was able to organise a number of tours of the premises for ex-employees. We are fortunate in being able to capture the last memories of the site before demolition.

Outside Views

The Storm Clouds loom Looking West From the top of the Multi-Storey Office Block 2000: Looking North from the top of the Offices The Main Entrance The Works Yard 2000: View from the Main Gate (May) 2000: The Works Entrance
2000: View from Stuart Preston's Office Window (May) Notcutts and the Power House The Pattern Shop 1993: The Materials Centre and Paint Shop (February) 2001: Between the Foundry and the Old Steel Stores (September) 2000: The Foundry and the Pattern Shop 2001: Looking towards the Main Building from the Biscuit Fitting Shop (September)
1993: A barrow alone... (July) The North end of the Foundry 1993: Rear of the Foundry (July) 1993: The Foundry (July) 1993: The Black Shed (July) 1993: The Link Building (July) 1993: The Master Baker Store (July)
2000: The East side of the site 2003: Cycle Shed and Old Railway Line behind the Tinsmiths (February) 2003: Original Connection to the Railway (February) 1993: The Apprentice School and Holdings Building (July) 1993: The Rugby Club (July) 2000: The Rugby Club car park 1993: The Rugby Club & Experimental (July)
1993: Customer Services and Experimental (July) 1993: The site of the Motor Club (June) 2000: The Old Rugby Pitch (May) 1993: P3 & P4 (July) 1993: P4, P3, P2 & L70 (July) Date?: The Fire Station

Inside the Works

1993: The Machine Shop (February) 1993: Inside the Black Shed (July) 2000: The Machine Shop 2000: Fitting Shop/Machine Shop (May) 2000: Chroming and Plating Shop (May) 2000: L70 Bay 2001: Looking from the Office steps towards the Fitting Shop (September)
2001: Experimental Department (September) 2001: Between Fitting Shop and Machine Shop (September) 2001: Printing Units in Fitting Shop (September) 2001: Printing Fitting Shop (September) 2001: The Machine Shop 2001: The Machine Shop 2001: Looking towards exit to Foundry/Heat Treatment (September)
2001: Looking towards the Offices from Machine Shop (September) 2001: Biscuit/CCS Fitting Shop (September) 2002: The Foundry (March) 2002: Tinsmiths Department (March) 2002: Main Fitting Shop (March) 2002: Looking across Machine Shop (March) The Foundry
Despatch/Paint Shop The "Link" Fitting shop The Maintenance Department K/L Bay Albert Watson's office The Plate Shop Entrance to the Fitting Shop
The Chrome Shop

Inside the Offices

2001: An Empty Office 2001: One of the Drawing Offices 2001: The Board Room 2001: D/O Archives/Mezzanine Area 2001: 2nd Floor - 1975 Office Building - Boardroom entrance to the left (September) 2001: Corridor to MD's Office and Boardroom - 1975 Office Building (September) 2002: Office Area 1975 Building
2002: The Drawing Office (1932 Building) 2002: Entrance to the Strongroom (March) 2002: Emerging from the Strongroom (March) D/O 3 George Allen's office

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