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Westwood Works 1903-2003

How It Was

This section contains photographs from 100 years of the Westwood Works site.


Site Development


Development of the site over nearly 100 years

Westwood Pre-1904

Before Westwood Works came into being

How it Started

From tiny acorns....

The Westwood Works Culture

The secret of the Company's success

Outside Views

Photographs of the site from the first buildings in 1904 to demolition in 2003

Life at Westwood Works

Life inside the Factory and Offices

Westwood Works in World War 1

The contribution made by Westwood Works and its employees during the First World War

An Artist in the Family

Drawings by Rudolph Ihlee showing life inside the Factory

The Great Fire

The Great Factory Fire of 1922

Westwood Works in 1923

The rebuilt factory in 1923 following the 1922 fire

Willesden to Peterborough

The background to the move

Westwood Works in World War 2

The contribution made by Westwood Works and its employees during the Second World War

Departments at Westwood Works

Describing the different sections of Westwood Works

Before the Computers came

Power SAMAS and Hollerith Cards.


Photographs from Coningsby Road


The Heart of the Matter

The Drawing Office

A revolution in design management

The Experimental Department

Prototype testing and Customer demonstrations

The Export Company

Export or Die

The Finance Department

Managing the money.

The Heating & Ventilation Department

A link with the past

The Laboratory & Metallurgical Department

Testing, Testing, Testing.

The Holdings Building

A tour of the Holdings Building

The Lithographic Department

In-house printing.

Machine Tools

Investment in new technology after World War 2

The Night Shift

Life at Westwood in the wee small hours.

Special Projects

Working with Customers

The Outdoor Men

The men of the Field Engineering Department

The Personnel Department Safeguarding the Company's most important assets.

Training at Westwood Works

Training facilities at Westwood Works

The Typing Pool

Before the Age of the Desktop Computer

The Works Drawing Cabinet

Showing the Works what to make

Corporate Identity

How the Company presented itself


Sales brochures, Apprenticeship paperwork and Sports & Social Club memorabilia

Getting to Work

From cycles to cars

Group Newspapers

Keeping the employees informed


Homes for Employees

The Product Line

The output from Westwood Works

The Profit Sharing Scheme

Sharing the rewards

Trade Exhibitions

Showing the Company flag

Unions at Westwood Works

Co-operation between men and management

The Merger with APV

Major changes between 1987 and 1992

Site Facilities

Baker Perkins in the Community

Westwood Works employees' involvement in the broader community

The Baker Perkins Fire Brigade

Photographs of the Firemen and Fire Engines of the Baker Perkins Fire Brigade

The Company Aeroplane

The Company Piper Aztec: G-ARBR

The Company Allotments

Digging for Victory, and after

The Company Chauffeurs

Caring for Visitors to Westwood Works

Feeding the Three Thousand

Catering for change and catering for cats

First Aid & St John Ambulance

The people helping to provide medical care and assistance on site

Manor House Hospital

Care for serious health problems

On-Site Services for Employees

Meeting every need - hairdressing, dentistry, medical care etc

Open Days

Friends and Family visit Westwood Works

Queen's Awards for Industry

Awards received for Export and Technological Achievement

The Railway Connection

Westwood Works' link to the rail network


Security at Westwood Works

Site Facilities & Maintenance

Keeping the Factory going, the Factory Hooter, etc.

Transport Services

The overnight Peterborough to Bedewell Trunk Lorry Service

VIPs at Westwood Works

Some of the dignitaries and customers who visited Westwood Works/Flying the Flag

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